Lemlist Review: Pricing, Features, & Alternatives [2024]
Discover in-depth 2024 Lemlist Review: Its pricing, features & best alternatives. Make an informed choice for your email marketing and sales needs.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 28, 2024

Lemlist is a SMS and email marketing tool that prioritizes personalization through AI. It helps sales and marketing teams set up customized approaches to prospects on various channels. So if you’re in the market for a sales outreach tool, it might not be a bad fit.

However, there’s a lot of software out there using terms like “personalization” and “AI-powered” without really doing much of either. Where does Lemlist fall? Let’s find out with this Lemlist review on what the platform does, its pros and cons, and even some alternative tools to try. 

What Is Lemlist Used For?

Lemlist is am AI sales platform that uses AI and other tools to provide prospect generation, support multi-channel outreach, and create email and SMS campaigns. Lemlist’s mission is to make it easier for its clients to reach new leads in various channels with personalized emails, texts, and landing pages. 

Lemlist Review

Time to take a deep dive into Lemlist, what it does, the pros and cons, and how you can optimize your outreach. 


email features


  • Users can customize email and text message content 
  • Landing pages are customizable with CTAs and assets and can be embedded into calendars
  • Offer users custom intro lines, pitches, CTAs, and more for SMS marketing 
  • Can create personalized images with company/lead names, logos, web screenshots, and more. 

Artificial intelligence:  

  • Outreach AI feature helps optimize campaign creation, emails, and response rates
  • AI icebreaker generator allows users to generate icebreakers for speaking with leads
  • AI sequence generator creates campaign emails

Pre-made templates 

  • B2B cold email templates and multi-channel sequences
  • Step-by-step workflow templates

Tracking and Analytics:

  • A/B testing for email sequences with different subject lines
  • Custom domain tracking for all email campaigns. 
  • Monitor campaign performance as a whole or per channel and step. 
  • Shows negative metrics, the status of their campaigns, metric history, and review leads. 
  • Can export Lemlist individual and multiple campaign results to leverage insights

What Are the Benefits of Lemlist?

Lemlist has a few promising qualities that can help sales teams target new leads. Here are some pros that come with using Lemlist: 

  • Provides some personalization opportunities via email and text 
  • AI helps streamline sales outreach campaign creation 
  • Offers various email templates for users to work off of 
  • Going to offer a lead database for finding prospects 

Lemlist Cons

While Lemlist does have some good qualities, the platform is by no means perfect. Here are some cons to consider if you choose to incorporate Lemlist into your marketing strategy

  • Platform can be buggy and users may experience technical problems
  • Email tracking counts user’s own engagement with email as part of their metrics
  • Personalization opportunities are limited within the platform 
  • Has a bit of a learning curve to get started and the interface can be tricky to navigate


A few companies that Lemlist has collaborated with are: 

  • Cloutly
  • FullFunnel
  • Shuttle
  • Sharpr

Lemlist Pricing

Lemlist offers three different pricing plans that vary based on how many features you’d like to access. 

  • Email Outreach: Only for email outreach: $50 per month 
  • Sale engagement: Multi-channel outreach: $83 per month 
  • Enterprise: Multi-channel outreach: Contact the sales for a quote

The Bottom Line on Lemlist

Lemlist can be helpful for sales teams trying to streamline their outreach with personalization…but that personalization is very limited. Emails and landing pages can only be personalized with images, first names or company names, intro lines, and CTAs. 

Other than personalization, the platform focuses on automating campaigns and connecting its users to consumers through multiple channels, as well as sending out follow-up emails on the user’s behalf. 

Nowadays, consumers are responding to hyper-personalized marketing: content that was made and tailored specifically to them. This platform doesn’t have all the tools to create that kind of content. It’s best to use Lemlist with another platform to amplify your outreach and marketing strategies. 

Speaking of…

Best Lemlist Alternatives

If you’ve been searching for a Lemlist alternative or a platform to improve your Lemlist outreach, here are some great options. 

1. Tavus

Tavus can be both: an alternative to Lemlist or a platform for users looking to power up their Lemlist campaigns! Tavus allows you to record just one video of yourself and then its AI video generator creates hundreds or thousands of hyper-customized videos unique for every single recipient. 

With AI voice duplication, HD lip-syncing, real media blending, and unlimited dynamic variables, these videos look and sound exactly like you, so your entire audience receives a personal message that makes them feel unique.

Here’s how it works: 

       1. On the Tavus platform, record a video with whatever message you want to tell your viewers. This particular video will function as a model for all subsequent videos.

       2. Select the variables in your template that will be specific to each viewer. This could involve personalizing your greeting, addressing them using their name, or inquiring about their latest purchase. You could also customize each video by picking suitable links for every recipient. Feel free to mix up any variable you like! 

       3. Place all your variable data in a data file, upload it, and proceed. Tavus then utilizes top-notch AI lip syncing and voice cloning based on that file and the original video to generate various personalized videos to meet your needs. Afterward, distribute these videos via your current marketing channels.

       4. Or, you have the option to have videos sent based on the action of your receiver automatically. Tavus can directly interface with over 100 leading marketing, sales, e-commerce, and communication platforms. All you have to do is set up a programmatic trigger and then Tavus will send out a personalized version of your template video–without any additional work on your part. 

Key Features:

  • Users can record one video, and Tavus's AI can generate thousands more with different variables, names, and more. 
  • Supports complex and long variables like long names, products, addresses, etc. 
  • Captures human emotion and personality so that videos don’t look edited or fake. 
  • HD lip-syncing, top-quality voice cloning, and real media blending generate realistic videos that look and sound real to the consumer.
  • Drag-and-drop landing pages are fully customizable with CTAs, colors, logos, images, titles, URLs, and more
  • Tavus can integrate with CRMs, e-commerce tools, marketing tools and software, and 100+ other platforms
  • Can add personalized content to emails, LinkedIn, SMS, and other channels
  • Automatically generate personalized GIF previews for videos to increase conversions and responses
  • Hyper-customizable templates to make personalized content that can reach larger audiences

Best for: Our platform works best for enterprises and mid-size businesses looking to scale their personalized video content creation for the ultimate sales and marketing ROI. 

Tavus vs Lemlist no 

Tavus and Lemlist both offer opportunities for personalization, but the platforms operate in very different ways. While Lemlist sticks to customized text, Tavus creates completely customized videos. In fact, Lemlist customers have turned to Tavus to add personalized video content to their emails and other outreach.

Here are some other ways Lemlist and Tavus compare. 

  • Customizing text vs video: Lemlist offers customization for emails, SMS, images, and landing pages..but it stops there. Tavus has tools that fully personalize videos, landing pages, CTAs, and more. With Tavus, users can make videos of themselves that are customized to every single recipient. This level of personalization helps foster relationships with new leads and consumers and ultimately leads to higher revenue.  
  • AI: The Lemlist AI helps users automate tasks like follow-ups, responding to replies, and generating multichannel campaigns and email sequences. Tavus' AI works on a completely different level. It can generate hundreds of thousands of hyper-realistic personalized videos in minutes with its HD facial cloning, advanced audio engine, and real media blending. These technologies make each video look and sound natural, so every customer thinks they’re hearing from the real you. 
  • Integration: Lemlist and Tavus both offer integration opportunities. However, Tavus can integrate with over 100 platforms, including CRMs, workflows, and more. This means users can programmatically add Tavus videos to any of their workflows so individuals automatically receive real-time, personalized responses at all touchpoints.

Tavus customers have been able to boost their click-through rates by 250% and increase 85% of their viewer’s purchase decisions. 

Whether you’re looking to switch your personalization marketing strategy, or just need some help boosting your Lemlist success, Tavus is the solution. 

Scale your business with Tavus

2. Reply.io

Reply.io is a sales engagement software that uses AI to optimize the sales process. This platform helps sales teams find new prospects and engage with them through multiple channels. Furthermore, they offer their users a database with over 140 million contacts, analyze results to improve performance, make calls, and more. 

Key Features:

  • A/B testing and analytics
  • Create messages with variables used for personalization
  • Phone service where users can connect with prospects and leads from their Reply account

Best for: Sales teams looking to optimize and automate their sales tasks 

3. Bombbomb

BombBomb is a video marketing platform through which users can make and send videos and video email messages. The platform analyzes an email sequence to identify the best opportunities for video messages. The team then manually produces these videos–without personalized information–and sends them to customers when they arrive at different points of the sales journey.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with multiple platforms including Outlook, Salesforce, and Gmail
  • Users can record and send videos via emails
  • Provide analytics for user to view and understand their video performance
  • Snippet feature saves parts of video scripts 
  • Mobile app allows for on-the-go recording

Best for: BombBomb works best for teams in sales, insurance, mortgage brokering, and real estate.

4. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video platform designed for the hosting, creation, management, and analysis of video content. Users can record their screens and faces to create videos which can then be embedded in social media, email, and websites. It also offers options to incorporate interactive elements into videos and to customize video content.

Vidyard is primarily marketed as a software to help sales teams improve their video messages. 

Read more here: Vidyard vs Loom 

Key Features:

  • Record videos up to an hour long with a camera using a Chrome extension
  • Transcribes videos for accessibility
  • Ad-free video hosting and streaming
  • Customizable video landing pages
  • Users can add links, forms, and CTAs to videos for viewer engagement

Best for: Creating video content for sales team outreach 

Use the Best Lemlist Alternative for Personalized Outreach

Yes, you can use Lemlist to reach your audience with personalized emails and text messaging campaigns…but why stop there?

With Tavus, you reach the ultimate level of personalization with AI-generated videos custom-made for every recipient. Instead of just emailing someone using their first name, you get to speak directly to your consumers, so you can transcend the noise at a mind-blowing scale. 

And thanks to programmatic automations, you can reach your customers at multiple touchpoints, inspiring conversions all along the customer journey without requiring an additional lift from your busy teams. 

Multiple Lemlist users have already realized this and are now accessing the benefits of both of these platforms. 

Give your consumer the ultimate personalized experience and watch your ROI soar. 

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