18+ Best AI Software [2024]
Discover the best AI software for 2024 in niches like AI video creation, imaging, sales, workflow automation, writing, data analysis, and chatbots…plus more!
February 24, 2024

It's no secret that discussions of AI software have taken over the news, social media, and even everyday conversations. AI's ability to absorb unquantifiable amounts of information to automate tasks, generate insights, and create intelligently means it will become part of our daily lives. 

Plus, the market is predicted to rapidly expand, with an annual growth rate of 15.83%, resulting in a market volume of $738.80 billion by 2030.

But because it’s still new, there are many automation and productivity tools that the public isn’t aware of. So ensure you read this article all the way through so you can leverage AI in the most practical ways for you and your tasks.

Let’s dive in.

What is AI Software? 

AI software refers to applications and systems that exhibit traits associated with human intelligence, learning independently from explicit input and experience. Rather than defined logic-based programming, AI software leverages machine learning algorithms trained on immense datasets to derive insights, patterns, and optimal actions. 

In effect, these tools can perceive environments, handle ambiguity, comprehend languages, and accentuate user capabilities through AI integration. That’s how they can streamline tasks, generate content, and appear to have human intelligence. 

What Can AI Software Be Used For? 

While AI software isn’t limited to these use cases, here are some of the most common uses for it: 

AI Video Generation 

AI video platforms automate shooting, editing, and distribution by synthesizing footage from scripts and assets. You give the tool information like a script, logos, and images. Then the software makes a high-quality video from that. These tools are great for making customized videos to send to customers and team members. 

For example, a video marketing tool like Tavus can help you create automated, personalized videos at scale.

AI Sales Software

AI sales software draws insights from pipelines to enhance forecasting, recommend optimal actions, and score promising prospects. By digesting data and activities, they boost productivity. Use cases span tailored outreach campaigns to pipeline health tracking.

Data Analysis 

AI data analysis tools effectively help turn large data into condensed, actionable insights. For instance, you could paste all of the data from your ad campaign the previous week into a data analysis tool. Then, the AI could tell you which exact part needs to be optimized — the landing page, the ad creative, or if you should simply scale.  

AI Writing Tools 

AI writing tools take a prompt and turn it into a piece of generated text. These writing tools are based on large language models (LLMs), so they don’t actually understand your prompt or their response. Instead, they analyze their enormous datasets to predict the word that should follow the word before it.

AI Image Creation 

AI image creators rely heavily on human prompts and large datasets. These tools get trained on enormous amounts of images and descriptions, allowing them to generate unique images based on prompts that might only contain a few words.

Workflow Automation Tools

Workflow automation platforms streamline business processes using artificial intelligence. By analyzing tasks and data flows, these tools identify areas to integrate automated triggers, alerts, and actions between apps. Use cases include creating support tickets from negative social mentions or updating CRM records when inventory changes.

Speech Recognition 

Speech recognition tools transcribe audio feeds like meetings, interviews, and phone calls into machine-readable text for searchability, documentation, and analysis. Capabilities like identifying different speakers make generating automated notes easier.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots provide conversational experiences using natural language processing to understand queries and respond contextually. They can be configured for purposes ranging from customer service to lead generation.

The Best AI Software Tools To Use

Here are the best AI software tools based on their exact use case:

1. Tavus: Best AI Video Generator

Tavus revolutionizes personalized video communication by automating production at an unprecedented scale. The platform minimizes manual efforts using AI to synthesize footage matching each recipient.

Users simply record a template outlining key messaging and then indicate areas for customization like names, personal details, and event triggers. Tavus handles cloning both speech and facial movements to render completely tailored videos for every individual.

That way, you can incorporate the human touch and connection into your videos at scale—boosting your engagement and conversion rates dramatically. 

Key applications include hyper-targeted personalized marketing, sales prospecting, onboarding, and ongoing touchpoints. And with seamless integration into your other workflows, Tavus makes it easy to scale. Tavus integrates with your existing workflows and does the heavy lifting for you so you can Tavus can reach your audience at the right time, in the right place.

Key features: 

  • Ability to auto-generate countless unique videos without manual intervention
  • Integration with 100+ platforms, enabling personalized videos to slot into automated workflows
  • Quick, efficient, 10-minute AI training
  • State-of-the-art AI face and voice cloning coupled with HD lip-syncing offer true-to-life video renditions
  • Personalized GIF previews to augment video conversion rates
  • Customizable, drag-and-drop white-labeled landing pages
  • Comprehensive analytics on video performance, CTA conversions, and viewer engagement

Tavus leverages scaled personalization across communication workflows through integrated AI. Whether conducting outreach at scale or delighting users with tailored interactions, your videos are effortlessly individual yet authentic.

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2. DALL-E: AI Image Generation

DALL-E is an AI-driven tool designed to create digital images from textual descriptions, leveraging advanced machine learning techniques. It interprets written prompts to produce visually compelling images that reflect the described themes, styles, or objects, accommodating a wide range of creative needs.


Key features: 

  • Transforms text into images
  • Adapts to various styles from brief descriptions
  • Outputs images in high-resolution

Pricing: $0.04 per image or $20 per month with ChatGPT Plus

3. Jasper AI: Best Content Writer

Jasper AI is engineered to assist in content creation, utilizing large language models to draft text based on provided prompts. It simplifies the writing process for a variety of content types, including articles, emails, and social media posts, by analyzing and generating text that aligns with the input parameters.

Jasper platform

Key features: 

  • Generates text from prompts
  • Supports diverse content types
  • Enhances efficiency in writing tasks

Pricing: From $49 per month

4. SpekitAI: Best AI for making sales training content

SpekitAI streamlines the development of sales training materials by leveraging AI to curate and customize content tailored to individual sales teams. It automates the creation of training modules, guides, and quizzes, ensuring that sales personnel have access to the latest strategies and product information.

spekit page

Key features: 

  • Automates sales training content creation
  • Personalizes learning materials for teams
  • Updates content with the latest sales strategies

Pricing: Demo required

5. ChatGPT: Best General Chatbot

ChatGPT specializes in simulating human-like conversations powered by advanced natural language processing algorithms. It can be deployed across various platforms to provide customer support, answer FAQs, and engage users with personalized interactions, making it a versatile tool for enhancing the customer journey.

chat gpt

Key features: 

  • Simulates human-like conversations
  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Offers personalized user interactions

Pricing: Free or $20 per month

6. Wordtune: Best AI Editor

Wordtune assists in refining written content by suggesting improvements in wording, grammar, and style. It employs AI to analyze text contextually, offering real-time suggestions that enhance readability and engagement. This tool is helpful for writers seeking to polish their work with a more natural, fluent tone. 


Key features: 

  • Offers real-time writing suggestions
  • Improves grammar, style, and tone
  • Enhances readability and engagement

Pricing: Free or from $24.99 per month

7. GitHub CoPilot: Best AI Virtual Programmer

GitHub CoPilot acts as a virtual coding assistant, generating code suggestions based on natural language comments or existing code snippets. Powered by AI, it helps developers write code faster and with fewer errors by suggesting complete lines or blocks of code, compatible with a wide range of programming languages.


Key features: 

  • Generates code from comments
  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Reduces coding errors and speeds up development

Pricing: Free or from $4 per month

8. Sembly: Best for Meetings

Sembly optimizes meeting efficiency by transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing meeting content. Utilizing AI, it captures key points and action items, making meetings more productive. Sembly is designed for teams that aim to enhance collaboration and ensure important discussions are accurately documented and easy to reference.


Key features: 

  • Transcribes and summarizes meetings
  • Analyzes content for key points
  • Improves collaboration and documentation

Pricing: Free or from $15 per month

9. Trend Hunter AI: Best for Finding Trends

Trend Hunter AI leverages machine learning and GPT models to analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes. It provides businesses with actionable insights, helping them make informed decisions. This tool is designed for marketers and strategists looking to stay ahead in their industry by identifying emerging trends and opportunities.


Key features: 

  • Analyzes market trends and consumer behavior
  • Offers actionable business insights
  • Aids in strategic planning and decision-making

Pricing: Starting at $9,000 per month 

10. Voicify: Best AI for Voice Conversion

Voicify converts written text into natural-sounding audio using AI-driven voice synthesis. It offers a range of voices and languages, allowing creators to produce audio content for podcasts, audiobooks, or voiceovers without the need for professional recording equipment. 

This tool is ideal for enhancing accessibility and engagement in digital content.

Key features: 

  • Converts text to natural-sounding speech
  • Supports multiple voices and languages
  • Enhances content accessibility and engagement

Pricing: Starting at $8.99 per month

11. Reword: Best SEO Content Writer

Reword is an AI tool that helps you write titles, subheadings, and general blog content that are optimized for search engine results pages. The tool allows users to train the bot on their preferred style of writing, allowing it to adapt to patterns. Additionally, it automatically adds links to your writing for citing sources and adding internal links.


Key features: 

  • Generates comprehensive outlines
  • Writes SEO content through comprehensive tone training
  • Can create headings and titles based on prompts

Pricing: Starting at $49 per month

12. DeepL Translate: Best AI for Language Translation

DeepL Translate uses advanced AI to understand and translate text in context. This tool supports numerous languages, offering translations that often surpass those of other services in terms of fluency and adherence to the original meaning. It’s ideal for professionals and businesses requiring reliable multilingual communication.

Key features: 

  • Superior translation accuracy and fluency
  • Supports numerous languages
  • Contextual understanding for better translations

Pricing: Free or from $10.49 per month

13. Grammarly: Best AI for Writing Assistance

Grammarly uses AI to enhance writing by checking for grammar, punctuation, style, and tone errors. It offers suggestions to improve clarity, engagement, and correctness across various platforms, including email, documents, and web content.

Grammarly page

Key features: 

  • Comprehensive grammar, punctuation, and style checks
  • Real-time improvement suggestions
  • Platform-wide integration for consistent writing assistance

Pricing: Free or from $30 per month

14. Canva: Best AI for Design and Publishing

Canva integrates AI to simplify graphic design, offering users tools to create high-quality visuals, presentations, and marketing materials without the need for extensive design experience. Its AI-powered features suggest design layouts and color palettes and even generate text content, making professional-looking design accessible to all.


Key features: 

  • Simplifies graphic design with AI-powered tools
  • Suggests layouts, color palettes, and text
  • No extensive design experience required

Pricing: Free or from $14.99 per month

15. Zapier: Best AI for Workflow Automation

Zapier automates workflows by connecting your favorite apps and services, enabling seamless data exchange and task automation without manual intervention. It supports thousands of apps, facilitating automated workflows across a wide array of platforms, thus increasing productivity and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Key features: 

  • Automates workflows across thousands of apps
  • Facilitates seamless data exchange and task automation
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency

Pricing: Free or from $29.99 per month

16. Ahrefs: Best AI for SEO Analysis

Ahrefs utilizes AI to provide comprehensive SEO tools and resources, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and site audits. It's designed to help marketers improve their search engine rankings and understand their competitors' SEO strategies.


Key features: 

  • Comprehensive SEO tools and analytics
  • Includes keyword research, site audits, and competitor analysis
  • Helps improve search engine rankings

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month

17. Hootsuite: Best AI for Social Media Management

Hootsuite leverages AI to streamline social media management, offering scheduling, monitoring, and analytics across multiple platforms. It helps brands maintain a consistent online presence, engage with their audience, and analyze social media performance.


Key features: 

  • Streamlines social media scheduling, monitoring, and analytics
  • AI-generated captions 
  • Engages with audience and analyzes social media performance

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month

18. SecondBrain: Best AI for Customer Support (Chatbots)

SecondBrain is an AI tool that allows companies to build chatbots that can enhance conversion rates and reduce negative customer interactions. These chatbots can answer questions 24/7, reducing the load placed on your human support team.


Key features: 

  • Train chatbots with diverse learning materials
  • Embed easily on websites with a chat widget
  • Offers quick, accurate responses to customer questions

Pricing: Free or starting at $19 per month

More About AI Software

Here are some FAQs about AI software:

What are the different types of AI software? 

The different types of software include (but aren’t limited to): video generation, AI sales software, data analysis, writing, image creation, workflow automation, speech recognition, and chatbot tools.

What is the most advanced AI software?

While all AI solutions are advanced, Tavus’ unmatched ability to generate personalized videos at scale gives it our top spot for most advanced. 

Is there free AI software available? 

Yes, most of the software on this list has free options or free trials.

Is there an AI software that uses Chat-GPT?

Yes, most of these AI tools use the GPT for AI-generated content — including Tavus. That simply means that each software has a customized, trained GPT for personalized use cases.

Start Using the Best AI Software

There’s just about an AI tool for everything. But the one tool that stuck out the most was Tavus, the all-in-one AI video creator that allows you to create personalized, AI-based videos at scale. 

For a company that uses video in their customer acquisition strategy or onboarding process, Tavus can help increase conversion rates and improve user experience, respectively. And if your company doesn’t yet use video, it’s the perfect opportunity to start using one-to-one marketing.

Tavus is the only video personalization platform with the power to take what you record–or use your text input–and automatically transform it into countless AI-generated videos.

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