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Meet Tavus,

Your secret weapon for engagement.

Tavus is leading the way for immersive, hyper-personalized videos that actually look and sound like you – and scale like no other platform. Give your audience an experience to remember with real-time videos made just for them. 

Tavus Product Graphic

Unlock the ROI of Tavus videos.

Tavus isn’t just wildly effective. It’s pushing the boundaries of what we once imagined to be possible. 


We believe the strongest connections are personal. Instead of avatars or studio-style productions, Tavus helps you make 1-to-1 videos that are realistic enough to send to a best friend.


Create unique variables – single words or entire sentences. It’s up to you. Incorporate personalized videos into your automated workflows. Leverage Tavus across use cases and industries. The possibilities are limitless.


With Tavus, you can generate a million videos in the time it takes to create one. And when each video connects with its viewer in a personal and relevant way? We’re talking about astronomical ROI.

How it works

First, record a video with the general message you want to share.

Tavus Record a Video

Then, add variables to your template to personalize to each viewer

Generate countless unique AI videos of you, without saying another word

AI Tech

AI video generation that looks and sounds like you.

Yes, we clone you. You can generate videos of yourself, without saying a word

Generate a video
Generate a video

Best-in-class voice cloning

Tavus is the only personalized video maker seamlessly blending synthetic media with your face and voice to maintain a human connection. Our AI cloning captures emotion and perfectly replicates the way you speak.

Hyper-customizable templates

Call your viewers by their names, but don’t stop there! Edit variables of any length to make your script completely unique to each viewer. From company name to personalized intro lines, the sky's the limit.

Lip sync

Whatever words you generate, our AI will automatically sync your lips and facial movements with the audio to make for ultra-realistic videos. Oh, and it's in HD.

Real media blending

We clone real people, not avatars. This allows your videos to capture emotion and personality, helping to create a powerful connection with your audience. 

Video Effectiveness

Make your message shine

Boost engagement and scale conversions with data-driven, auto-generated videos. We've got all the bells and whistles needed for you to see the best results possible, and transform ordinary touchpoints into something extraordinary.

Personalized video backgrounds

Include a background for your video to drive more conversions, or go full screen. Tavus also features variable backgrounds: submit a link, and Tavus will automatically include a scrolling capture of that specific URL for your video. Show a customer’s website, LinkedIn, product demo, or more for an added personal touch - unique to each video. 

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Cohesive brand identity

Host your videos on a drag and drop landing page that’s easy to create. Include different CTAs, and customize colors, titles, logos and even the URL to match your brand’s aesthetic – no developers needed, and no mentions of Tavus anywhere.

interface showing the ability to personalize ai video scripts with personalized keywords

Customized CTA

Drive exactly what you want your audience to do with customizable, clickable call-to-action buttons. Directly embed calendly or a form submit, add CTA buttons, or even custom embed your own CTA. Limitless possibilities for limitless results.

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Personalized video previews

Easily include Tavus personalized videos into emails, Linkedin, SMS, and other channels. With an automatically generated personalized GIF preview of the video, start getting more responses, click-throughs, and conversions.

interface showing the ability to personalize ai video scripts with personalized keywords


Stay productive, not busy

The innovation doesn't stop with our AI-generated interactive and immersive personalized videos. Seamlessly deliver those tailored messages to your audience through the outreach tools you already use. Tavus integrates with your existing workflows and does the heavy lifting for you.

Event driven video generation

Onboarding. Recruitment. Product walkthroughs. Customer Success. Tavus can programmatically fit into any existing workflow to reach your audience at the right time, in the right place. Turn ordinary touch points within your workflow and into something extraordinary. 

  • Automate real-time, personalized responses to customers' actions in a programmatic manner. For example, when a lead submits a form, automatically send a Tavus video.

  • Dynamically trigger different video templates for different audiences using enriched customer data

  • Nurture relationships across the customer lifecycle with personalized interactions based on events

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Batch based video production

Easily auto-generate and send thousands of videos (or more!) in seconds with our CSV flow. Put all your variable data in a CSV file, upload it, and generate hundreds or thousands of personalized videos in just a few clicks. Easy peasy.

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Send your videos through existing channels

You can send Tavus videos via nearly any tool or communication channel you use, including LinkedIn, e-mail, SMS, social media platforms, and within your own product. And using those channels will automatically populate a video preview, driving audience engagement with your content.

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Fits directly into your existing stack

Augment your existing stack, without adding extra steps to your teams daily workflow. Tavus works directly with 100+ top marketing, sales, ecommerce, and communication platforms.

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Our AI works harder, so you can work smarter

It's a no brainer, really. Get started with Tavus today!

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