Use your voice, without ever saying a word.

AI driven hyper-personalized sales outreach at scale

👋 Hey there, {first_name}

Nope, this is not a mass email campaign - Tavus generates thousands of personalized videos using you and your voice with the click of a button!  

Why Video?

Video is more interesting

Cleaning out your inbox is never fun. Videos, versus generic blocks of text, are way more fun and likely to attract attention.

Video is more visual

Um, obviously! It’s much easier to show someone what your product or service is over video. If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine a video's impact!

Video is more human

Humans care deeply about connections. When a prospect can see your face and nonverbal cues, you gain trust, credibility, and hopefully, a response!

Video is more memorable

Stand out from the crowd. How often do you think your prospects receive a video? Capitalize on pattern interruption and dont be another spam email. 

How it works


Voice Cloning

60 minutes – ready, set, go! Complete your voice training, create video templates, and you’re good to go. Our onboarding process will be a breeze for you and your team.


Video Generation

Build video templates with variable fields and custom landing pages alongside our customer success team. Then, upload your leads list and the Tavus platform will work its magic!


Seamless Integration

Plug your newly generated Tavus content into your existing marketing channels and see almost instant results. 

Our client's results


Increase in  response rate


Less touch points to close


Increase in meetings booked

We'll send you a custom video!

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Some of our happy clients

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Mo Khan, ParrotForce

"As a CEO, this was incredibly easy to manage. I was able to create successful campaigns at scale with great results. We not only targeted sales prospects, but ended up using Tavus to reach out to investors."

Rahul Khatti, UniFlow

"Tavus fundamentally changed the way we handled sales. Within 2 months of using Tavus, we switched 90% of our resources to it - we've seen 3x growth in MRR already."

Julia Averbuch, RecTable

"Restaurant chains suck to get in touch with. They don't reply and are swamped with sales pitches. Tavus helped us stand out and build a relationship with the prospect, giving us a massive advantage in the space."

Powerful Use Cases

Use Tavus for cold outreach, customer retention, or even webinar conversions. Personalized videos are an incredibly versatile outreach tool and applicable to almost every use case!

Capture inbound leads from webinars with contextual snippets

Use contextual inserts to make your videos as natural and authentic as possible. Hyper personalization can increase conversions by upwards of 600%.
“Hey {First_name}, thanks for attending my webinar! I noticed you had a question and I wanted to reach out to see if it was answered during the call?”

Get in touch with C-suite executives through cold outreach

Catch the attention of even the most important prospects by getting a video in front of them. Make their lives as easy as possible with CTAs included in the video.
“Hey {First_name}, I was you were the {Position} at {Company_name}. I was hoping to connect and discuss your sales strategy!”

Keep on top of customer success management with ease

Plug in ultra specific variables to increase the effectiveness of your videos.
“Hey {First_name}, how’s your trial of SEMRush going? I saw you only onboarded {Quantity} team members so far and that your SEO score dropped from {Variable 1} to {Variable 2}!"