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The Tavus blog offers outreach tips, industry insights, and thought leadership from the team that designed Tavus.

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Vidyard vs Loom Plus Competitors & Alternatives [2023]

Explore our in-depth comparison of video platforms Vidyard and Loom as well as a review of other video software perfect for reaching large audiences.

31+ Video Marketing Statistics to Know in  2023

Enjoy these exciting video marketing statistics of 2023! Discover where to focus your video marketing efforts this year for maximum ROI.

6+ Best Personalized Video Software [2023]

Discover the best personalized video software for creating customized videos that engage, nurture, and convert.

10+ Best AI Video Generator Tools [2023]

Discover the best AI video generator tools and what features to consider when choosing the right AI generator for your business.

How to Send a Video Through Email: Video Emails 101 [2023]

Sending a video through email is the perfect way to capture your audience’s attention. Learn how to send videos through email that will stand out in their inbox.

15+ Best Video Marketing Software [2023]

Video marketing makes it easier to show consumers what a product can do and how it could work in their lives‚Äďand ideally lead them to purchase.

Tavus secures $6.1M seed, led by Sequoia, to power AI personalized videos

Tavus secures seed funding to continue to lead in the scalable AI personalized video space

Maximize Your Reach on Multiple Channels with Tavus

You can send Tavus videos via nearly any tool or communication channel you use. We break it down.

What is Tavus?

At Tavus, which is Turkish for ‚Äúpeacock,‚ÄĚ we draw our name and inspiration from this majestic bird because you need to be absolutely captivating to solve the biggest problem in outreach.

3 Ways to Generate A Tavus Video and How to Use Each

Generating just one video? A thousand? Want them in your platform? We discuss each approach.

Making Personalized Content: Anatomy of a Tavus Video

Custom backgrounds. Landing pages. You! Learn what goes into a Tavus video and how it works.

Understanding The Emotional Impact of Video

What makes video such an effective outreach tool, and why does it elicit strong emotions from us?

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