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Video Intelligence API Review & Alternatives [2024]

Explore the features of Google Cloud Video Intelligence API and other video intelligence API alternatives for 2024.

44+ Generative AI Statistics to Know in 2024

Explore this exciting list of statistics on generative AI use across the world. Gain insight into areas where it can enhance your work.

8+ Best AI Chatbot APIs [2024]

Looking to streamline customer experience? Learn more about the best AI chatbots on the market to decide if a chatbot is right for you.

9+ Best AI Talking Head Video Generators in 2024

Discover the top AI talking head video generators for creating personalized video content at scale.

11labs API Review & Alternatives [2024]

Need help choosing an AI voice generator? This review of the ElevenLabs API covers features, pros, cons, and alternatives.

What Is a Digital Avatar and How Does It Work?

Discover how an AI digital avatar can engage thousands of more leads, increase customer loyalty, streamline employee onboarding, and more.

Replica API Review & Alternatives for Text-to-Voice Generation [2024]

Replica API offers AI voice generation for businesses in creative niches. Learn about its text-to-speech features and alternatives for your brand.

What is a Digital Replica? [2024 Guide]

Learn what digital replicas are, how they’re useful, and how advances in generating them can augment work in various fields in 2024.

D-ID API Review & Alternatives for AI Video Generation [2024]

AI voice and video generators are a dime a dozen – learn about D-ID’s functions, features, pros, cons, and alternative AI software to consider.

Realistic Avatar Generation in the Wild (text-to-video)

This research paper, written by the Tavus team, details the development of Phoenix, a groundbreaking generative model for realistic avatar creation and text-to-video generation. Phoenix leverages audio and text-driven 3D models, integrating volumetric rendering techniques and 2D Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to create lifelike replicas from short video clips.

12 Best AI Voice APIs for Text to Speech [2024]

This list highlights the top AI voice APIs for efficiently converting text into lifelike speech. Explore the best voice APIs for 2024.

Synthesia API Review & Alternatives for AI Video Generation [2024]

Explore Synthesia API and its 2024 alternatives. Learn about each tool's features, weigh their pros and cons, and find the right API video solution for you.

Sora API Review & Alternatives for Text-to-Video Generation [2024]

Explore the best Sora API alternatives for text-to-video generation in 2024. Find tools for personalized, ethical, and creatively flexible video content creation.

Heygen API Review & Alternatives for AI Video Generation [2024]

Explore the Heygen API for AI video creation in 2024: Get insights, compare alternatives, and choose the best tool for your video needs.

Character AI API Review & Alternatives [2024]

Explore Character AI's API capabilities and discover alternatives for 2024. Understand its strengths, limitations, and find the best API for your needs.

11+ Best Text to Speech APIs [2024]

Unlock the power of speech with our top picks for the best Text-to-Speech APIs of 2024! Find the perfect voice solution for your app today.

YouTube Automation Guide: How to Automate YouTube Videos [2024]

Discover time-saving YouTube automation tools and strategies to quickly share video messages with your audience.

7+ Best Avatar APIs [2024]

Discover 2024's top Avatar APIs. Create stunning, personalized avatars with ease using the best tools in the industry.

Introducing Phoenix & the Tavus Developer Platform Public Beta

Users generate realistic videos from just a script with their own digital replica

20+ Best AI Avatar Generators (Video & Image) [2024]

Discover the best AI avatar generators in 2024, including image avatar generators and AI avatars for videos.

16+ Best AI Voice Generators [2024]

Discover the best AI voice generators you can use to create custom videos, voiceovers, and even music.

11+ Best AI Video Editing Software

Learn about the range of options available for AI video editing software and discover the best solution for your needs.

18+ Best AI Software [2024]

Discover the best AI software for 2024 in niches like AI video creation, imaging, sales, workflow automation, writing, data analysis, and chatbots…plus more!

11+ D-ID Alternatives [2024]

If you’re looking to create the best personalized AI videos at scale, discover the best D-ID alternatives out there in 2024.

What is an AI Tool? How Artificial Intelligence Tools Work [2024 Guide]

Discover the power of AI tools and understand how they revolutionize tasks with our comprehensive 2024 guide to artificial intelligence tools.

How to Make AI Videos (Step-by-Step Guide for 2024)

Master AI video creation in 2024! Follow our easy step-by-step guide to produce stunning AI-generated videos that captivate audiences. Start now!

The Complete Guide to Personalized Video Marketing [2024]

Elevate your brand with our 2024 guide to personalized video marketing. Unlock powerful strategies for engagement and conversion through video.

Personalization at Scale: What It Is & Best Practices [2024]

Unlock the power of personalization at scale in 2024. Dive into prime strategies & best practices to tailor experiences for every customer.

What Is One to One Marketing? Your 2024 Guide

Unlock personalized marketing success with our ultimate 2024 guide to one-to-one marketing strategies. Tailor experiences to boost ROI now!

12+ Top Enterprise Video Platforms for Your Business [2024]

Explore the best enterprise video platforms to elevate your business video strategies and management in 2024.

19 Best AI Productivity Tools to Use in 2024

Boost your efficiency in 2024 with top AI productivity tools! Discover cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to streamline tasks & soar productivity.

Customer Journey Personalization: How to Personalize the Customer Experience [2024]

Learn the top strategies for personalizing the customer journey in 2024 to create the best customer experience.

AI in Sales: How Artificial Intelligence Can Scale Your Sales Team Successes [2024]

Boost your sales with AI! Discover strategies to scale your team's success & outsmart the competition in 2024.

AI Marketing Guide: How It Works, Examples, & Tools [2024]

Master AI marketing in 2024. Learn how it works, explore real examples, and discover the best AI tools to boost your strategy.

What Is Personalized Marketing? The Ultimate Guide [2024]

Unlock the power of tailored marketing with our ultimate guide to personalized marketing! Boost engagement and conversion with custom strategies for 2024.

Maverick Review: AI-Generated Personalized Video Software Review & Alternatives [2024]

Discover everything you need to know about Maverick AI, a personalized video software. Learn about top Maverick alternatives in our comprehensive guide.

Your Personalized Video Guide for 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about developing and scaling your personalized video strategy in 2023.

Personalized Email Marketing: Top Strategies & Tips for Email Personalization [2024]

Boost your 2023 email campaigns. Learn top personalized email marketing strategies and tips to unlock communication that converts.

How to Develop a Winning Video Marketing Strategy [2024]

Master the art of video marketing with our 2024 guide! Learn how to create a winning strategy that drives traffic and boosts ROI.

18+ Best AI Marketing Tools & Software [2024]

Discover the top AI marketing tools for 2024! Boost your campaign efficiency, drive sales, and outperform your competition today.

15+ Best AI Sales Tools & Software [2024]

This guide reviews some of the best AI sales tools on the market, from AI video generators for sales outreach to AI-powered pipeline managers. ‍

Video Messaging: What It Is & How to Use It For Your Business [2024]

Master the art of video messaging for your business. Discover what it is and how to effectively utilize it in 2024 to scale your outreach.

Lemlist Review: Pricing, Features, & Alternatives [2024]

Discover in-depth 2024 Lemlist Review: Its pricing, features & best alternatives. Make an informed choice for your email marketing and sales needs.

Synthesia Review: Pros & Cons of the AI Video Generator [2024]

Explore our in-depth review of Synthesia, the avatar-focused AI video generator. Discover its pros, cons, features, and some Synthesia alternatives.

Vidyard Review: Pricing, Features, & Alternatives [2024]

Explore our 2024 Vidyard Review. Delve into pricing, features, & smart alternatives so you can make the best choice for your video marketing needs.

Bonjoro Review: Pricing, Features, & Alternatives [2024]

Explore our 2023 Bonjoro review. Get detailed insights into pricing, unique features, and the best Bonjoro alternatives for improved customer communication.

31+ Video Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

Enjoy these exciting video marketing statistics of 2024! Discover where to focus your video marketing efforts this year for maximum ROI.

6+ Best Personalized Video Software [2024]

Discover the best personalized video software for creating customized videos that engage, nurture, and convert.

10+ Best AI Video Generator Tools [2024]

Discover the best AI video generator tools and what features to consider when choosing the right AI generator for your business.

How to Send a Video Through Email: Video Emails 101 [2024]

Sending a video through email is the perfect way to capture your audience’s attention. Learn how to send videos through email that will stand out in their inbox.

15+ Best Video Marketing Software [2024]

Video marketing makes it easier to show consumers what a product can do and how it could work in their lives–and ideally lead them to purchase.

Tavus secures $6.1M seed, led by Sequoia, to power AI personalized videos

Tavus secures seed funding to continue to lead in the scalable AI personalized video space

Maximize Your Reach on Multiple Channels with Tavus

You can send Tavus videos via nearly any tool or communication channel you use. We break it down.

What is Tavus?

At Tavus, which is Turkish for “peacock,” we draw our name and inspiration from this majestic bird because you need to be absolutely captivating to solve the biggest problem in outreach.

3 Ways to Generate A Tavus Video and How to Use Each

Generating just one video? A thousand? Want them in your platform? We discuss each approach.

Making Personalized Content: Anatomy of a Tavus Video

Custom backgrounds. Landing pages. You! Learn what goes into a Tavus video and how it works.

Understanding The Emotional Impact of Video

What makes video such an effective outreach tool, and why does it elicit strong emotions from us?

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