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What is Tavus?

Tavus is an AI video research company that builds it's own video models. These models are available to product and development teams via APIs. Tavus specializes in talking-head video where users are able create digital twins or replicas of themselves and generate video from text.

Who uses Tavus APIs?

Product and engineering teams that are looking to build with AI video use Tavus APIs. Software companies that build video editing tools, marketing platforms, sales CRMs, educational portals, creator tools, and more build with our Replica API to allow their users to generate realistic talking-head videos from text.

I'm in marketing & sales, can I use Tavus?

If you would like your internal team to integrate Tavus APIs into your existing marketing and sales tooling, Tavus is accessible to development teams via APIs.

If you want to use Tavus directly, you currently have to chat to the sales team. You can contact them via the Sales & Marketing form above.

What languages does Tavus support?

Using our APIs users can generate videos in 30+ languages.