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Why people choose Tavus

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higher engagement with personalized videos


boost to email click-throughs


jump in response rates


ROI on what you spend on marketing


increase in viewers’ decisions to purchase


of businesses already see success with video

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Here’s our common FAQs:

How does Tavus make personalized videos?

We use artificial intelligence to clone your voice and your face. Yup, you read that right. We’re enabling you to create videos of yourself, without recording. By doing this, we remove the massive burden of manually creating new messages for each member of your audience.

Who uses Tavus?

Tavus supports top-performing teams that want to transform the way they build relationships. And there are numerous use cases: sales, marketing, consumer relations, e-commerce, real estate, recruitment, public relations, and so much more.

Bottom line is, if you want to increase conversions, improve your customer experience, or have any other reason to “clone” yourself, and you need AI technology to scale those efforts, sign up for a demo. We support teams of all sizes.

How can I send a Tavus video?

Tavus videos can be sent across all mediums! Typically, our users see success via email, Linkedin, SMS, and in-product notifications.

That said, we've seen it all! We’ve even had a client who physically uploaded their video to a greeting card, and mailed it to their prospect! Yup, a video, via snail mail. And it worked great!

What parts of a Tavus video can be customized

Anything! You can include as many variables that Tavus will generate for you as you’d like. Our AI technology is able to handle numbers, long phrases, chatGPT snippets… you name it!

You can also fully customize the video landing pages with your branding, as well as other elements like the video background. Sky’s the limit!

What platforms do you currently integrate with?

We integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, and over 70 other partners.

We also offer a public API.

What languages does Tavus support?

Tavus currently supports English-language content only – and our AI handles accents very well. We plan to support additional languages in the future.