Your Personalized Video Guide for 2024: Everything You Need to Know
Learn everything you need to know about developing and scaling your personalized video strategy in 2023.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 28, 2024

Personalized videos are just what the name suggests: video content customized to specific viewers. These videos can be sent to an individual or segment of customers based on their interests, buying behavior, and past interactions with the brand.


Personalized video combines the captivating medium of video with exciting customization to capture the viewer's attention and fosters a personal connection–adding a much-needed human touch in an increasingly automated world.


But, how do you make personalized videos that are high quality, effective, and emotionally engaging? This guide is here to help! Learn how to successfully add personalized video content to your marketing strategy so you can attract and keep new consumers, drive conversions, and boost your ROI. 

What is a Personalized Video?

A personalized video is a video that is created or customized to match the interests, characteristics, or preferences of a specific individual or group of individuals. It typically includes elements like personalized messages, images, music, or other content that is tailored to the recipient.


These videos have various uses, from emailing thank yous to customers for their purchases to providing different products and services that vary based on what landing page link a searcher clicks.


Using elements such as the viewer's name, location, or past purchase history, personalized videos feel more relevant and personal, leading to higher click-through rates and viewer retention. Personalized videos also help brands develop trust and relationships with their audience and consumers. 

Personalized Video Examples & Use Cases

Personalized videos can be used in a variety of cases. 


Dynamic video transcript used to make personalized videos with Tavus

When marketers can distribute customized video content at scale, they have the potential to expand the influence and reach of their promotional initiatives while also fostering stronger relationships with their intended audience. 

This might involve addressing customers by name, featuring customized product suggestions, or discussing individual purchase histories in the videos. 


Dynamic video transcript created by sales teams on Tavus

Sales videos that target specific difficulties, pain points, and goals help sales experts establish relationships, engage leads, and move them further down the pipeline. Teams can customize videos to showcase how their product or service can satisfy each customer's particular needs or encourage cross sells and upsells. 

B2C Customer Journey & Experience

Video transcript used to create a personalized touchpoint to convert consumers

Brands catering to consumers, or B2C brands, design personalized videos that guide consumers through a journey filled with recommendations, special deals, and engaging narratives. These videos stimulate customer engagement, nurture brand allegiance, and prompt social sharing.

For example, in this personalized video made by Wonder with Tavus, the speaker addresses the customer by her first name and thanks her for her purchase. They go on to speak about the recipe by name and how their own family enjoys it. 

This gives the customer a sense of trust because the speaker has shared that they’ve tried the recipe themselves and engages the customer by asking the customer for feedback on the recipe.


Video transcript created with Tavus to entice customers leave a review

Ecommerce brands can use personalized videos to touch base with customers in a novel, exciting way. You can use personalized videos to send out reminders about abandoned carts–by mentioning exactly what products are in them. 

You can also request customers to leave reviews about your store. Just make sure to mention them by name and discuss the specific products they bought! 

And don’t worry: Tavus makes this easy. The AI will generate all the variables for you–so just record one video and get going! 


personalized video to send updates to job applicants

Recruiters and HR teams now have the option to send unique video messages to potential candidates. By highlighting individual abilities, past experiences, and suitability for the specific job, these videos provide a more genuine way to connect and attract potential employees. 

Next time you want to boost your recruitment efforts you can send a personalized video that: 

  • Addresses the receiver by their name
  • Talks about their present role and company
  • Highlights the amazing opportunity you have for them

Once you send that LinkedIn message, you'll be flooded with call appointments on your calendar.

The best way to scale your personalized video campaign is by setting up programmatic videos to automate the video generation process with Tavus. Instead of manually recording a personal video for every recipient, the videos are generated and then sent out using integrations with another software, like a CRM or email software.

You won’t even need to open Tavus to generate these videos and they’ll happen in the background, based on whatever trigger you’ve set up.

Product Videos

Get customers excited for the onboarding process with a personal video

Personalized videos content enhances the complete product experience for each customer–no matter where they are in their journey. 

Whether it's an automated onboarding guide sent post-sign-up or a prompted walkthrough for a specific feature for the product the customer bought, these personalized interactions can boost customer loyalty, retention, cross-selling, and up-selling opportunities.

Customer Success 

Customer support teams can use personalized videos to reduce churn rates.

Customer success teams can use personalized video software to conduct research into customer issues, provide how-to tutorials, re-engage churning customers, and boost upsells and cross-sells.

Automate these moments at various interaction points to keep your customers involved and engaged throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Personalized Video Benefits

Businesses aren’t using personalized videos just for fun. With incredible boosts in engagement, retention, and conversions, personalized videos provide an incredible array of benefits. 

Improved Engagement & Conversions 

Personalized videos can boost conversion rates by 500%. 500%! Plus, personalized videos are 35% more likely to keep viewers than non-personalized videos.? 

The human touch they provide goes a long way in attracting and holding attention and the longer viewers are reading or viewing content, the more likely they are to interact and engage. 

Higher Retention

Personalized videos offer consumers a sense of relevance and value, making them feel heard, appreciated, and understood. This emotional connection and enhanced customer experience keep them coming back to the brand, boosting both loyalty and retention. 

If you continue to send out generic videos, consumers won't feel the same drive to stay with your brand. 

Maximized ROI

With successful personalized videos, an increase in engagement can lead to an increase in lead generation, sales conversions, and customer retention – all of which contribute to a higher ROI.  

Of course, in order to maximize your ROI, you’ll need to be able to create personalized videos at scale. 

How to Make a Personalized Video

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make personalized videos that will grab consumers' attention and increase your conversions. 

1. Choose a Personalized Video Maker

When it comes to choosing the right personalized video maker, you need to look for the following:

  • Multiple opportunities for customization and personalization
  • The platform can handle complex variables to personalize 
  • High-definition video and audio quality
  • The platform is affordable and easy to use
  • Scalability and automation opportunities 

Luckily, there's a platform that ticks off all the boxes! 

Tavus, a personalized video software, uses artificial intelligence to generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of personalized videos unique to each recipient. You can personalize the recipient's name, company, and various spoken content within the video, as well customize backgrounds, CTAs, and more.

And you only have to record just one template per use case. Here’s how it works: 

1. Create a video message for your audience. This singular video will act as a template for the other videos. 

2. Choose your dynamic variables! This includes backgrounds, CTAs, and of course, the words you’re saying in the video. You may want to address the receiver by their name, discuss their latest purchase, or their customer milestones. Feel free to modify any variable you prefer— the choices are infinite!

 3. Using a data file with your variable information (such as a spreadsheet of customer names and purchase history) and the initial video you recorded, Tavus uses advanced AI with real-media blending and HD voice cloning to make each video look almost unbelievably real. Then, distribute these videos via your usual marketing channels. Every single customer will receive a video completely custom to them–and you only had to record one! 

4. Want to make this process even easier? Set up automatic touchpoints to send videos based on the customer's actions. In this scenario, you won't need a data file. Tavus updates the dynamic variables of each video with whichever data you want it to use through simple integrations with your existing workflows.

Make your first personalized video

2. Make Your Personalized Video Template

Creating a personalized video template involves a few key steps that start with defining the objectives of your video, considering your target audience, and identifying what kind of message you wish to communicate. 

Before you hit the record button, outline a rough script that aligns with the purpose of your video and speaks directly to your viewer. Leave space in your script for personalized elements, such as the viewer's name, location, or past interactions with your brand. 

3. Record Your Video 

Now, it is time for the fun part: recording! 

Before pressing record, check the following: 

  • Lighting: Natural lighting is best but you can also add a ring light to help. 
  • Appearance: Look professional, but also natural. You want your recipients to be able to relate with you. 
  • Setting: Clean, uncluttered backgrounds are the best choice here. 

When speaking, be as natural as possible, speaking clearly and succinctly, and maintain eye contact with the camera. You want to connect with your viewer, so if you look disengaged or as if you don't care about the product or service, you can harm the relationship you're building. 

This recording step will vary based on the video marketing software you use. For example, with Tavus, you’re one and done: after you finalize your template video, you’re done with the recording process. 

However, other video platforms like Vidyard or Bonjoro require you to record a new video for every recipient. In this case, this recording step can take a long, long time.  

4. Personalize Your Video

The final step is to personalize! Ideally this goes beyond just addressing the consumer by name in the beginning of the video. You should be able to customize elements throughout, including CTAs, images, backgrounds, and anything else representing your brand. 

Again, depending on the tool you're using, the amount of personalization you can add will vary. For example, Tavus’ personalization opportunities are virtually endless. You can include embeddable CTAs, custom video backgrounds, personalized preview thumbnails, white labeled URLs–and personalize as many template variables as you need. 

Other platforms, like or Bhuman offer limited ability to customize video scripts. Their AI can’t handle variables with high-length variances, such as saying multiple words or even just longer names (think John vs. Jonathan). Including any longer variables degrades the ability of the AI generation, leading to lower-quality videos.

Use the Best Personalized Video Software 

Personalized videos are becoming widely used in company marketing strategies because they provide a sense of human interaction. Consumers respond well to the video because it shows them the product or services, eliminates confusion, and addresses them personally. 

If you're looking to start creating personalized video content, Tavus is the ultimate choice. The platform has all the tools you need to make top-quality content for multiple audiences and industries. Record one video with Tavus and the AI will take care of the rest– generating hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of videos in minutes. 

Make personalized videos with Tavus

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