31+ Video Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024
Enjoy these exciting video marketing statistics of 2024! Discover where to focus your video marketing efforts this year for maximum ROI.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 24, 2024

Over the past decade, video has established itself as one of the most powerful marketing strategies: its ability to capture attention, inspire engagement, and convert customers is unparalleled. Internet video traffic continues to experience unprecedented growth…but more than 90% of individuals want to see more video content from brands in the coming years. 

Pretty crazy, right? Well we have a lot more video statistics for you! This article covers some exciting video marketing statistics that demonstrate the true power of this medium. Discover the many benefits of video marketing and how professionals in all industries can harness its impact.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Before we dig into the stats, let’s review some benefits of using video marketing.

Better Engagement & Retention

Engagement is your most valuable asset, but competing for attention can be challenging. The solution? Video marketing. High-quality videos have the power to convey messages in a visually compelling and memorable way, making it easier to communicate ideas and create an emotional connection with viewers. 

Video content is also highly shareable, helping to increase a brand’s visibility and reach across various platforms. 

More Conversions 

Why are videos so great at converting customers? 

  • Explainer videos can convey complex information in a way that can be challenging through text alone. This understanding can positively influence a consumer’s decision-making during a purchasing process. 
  • Video is also capable of creating strong emotional responses in its audience. Whether it's humor, amazement, fear, or joy, videos can inspire visceral reactions that are difficult to achieve through other mediums. This emotional engagement leads to greater levels of connection and loyalty that positively impact conversions. 
  • Personalized videos customized to each recipient are especially impactful on conversion rates. When the recipient hears their own name or sees their own image on the screen, they experience feelings of uniqueness, relevance, and connection. It’s no wonder personalized videos have around 16 times higher click-to-open rates than generic videos…and can boost conversions by 500%. 

Brand Building

Video provides a dynamic medium for telling your brand story and showcasing your values, mission, and unique brand. A visual story engages viewers on both an emotional and cognitive level. When we watch a video, our brains process the visual and auditory information simultaneously, creating an immersive experience. This allows brands to communicate their message in a way that is more memorable and impactful.

With video’s unparalleled storytelling abilities, video marketing enables you to showcase authenticity and create memorable customer experiences that build brand loyalty. 

Plus, when your videos resonate with viewers, they’re more likely to share them across platforms which increases your brand’s visibility and exposure to new customers.

Higher ROI

Thanks to higher retention rates, more conversions, and viral potential, you can invest the same amount (or less) of your marketing budget and get better results. More than 90% of marketers boast good ROI on video content—with 51% saying that video has the best ROI of all their content. 

General Video Marketing Statistics

Ready for better ROI? If those benefits didn’t inspire you to expand your video marketing strategy, we bet these video marketing statistics will!

1. 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

More businesses are using video than ever before, with 9 out of 10 businesses relying on video as an essential marketing tool. Marketers described video as an ‘important part’ of their overall strategy. 

If you aren’t using video already…now’s the time to start. 

Hint: personalized video software is the most effective tool to scale your team’s efforts and see quick ROI.

2. Over 87% of video marketers say it helps with increased traffic, sales, and lead generation.

It’s no secret that video marketing works. According to Wyzowl, 91% of video marketers say it helps increase traffic, 90% say it helps generate leads, and 87% say it helps increase sales. Bottom line: video marketing gets results.

MARKETERs traffic

3. 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

Don’t believe the marketers? Ask the consumer. Nearly 9 in 10 individuals have made a purchase as a result of effective video marketing.

4. Adults spend almost six hours per day watching videos.

It’s no secret that adults today spend an astounding amount of time online. According to Nielsen, video consumption makes up six hours of the average adult’s day. As customers spend more time watching video online, marketers need to meet them where they are.

5. Long-form videos saw an 11,000% growth over the last ten years.

While short-form videos have a high success rate, long-form videos views are growing incredibly fast. Videos longer than 30 minutes saw 11,000% growth in the last ten years, and webinars and live events have also proven to be highly effective.

6. 42% of video marketers spend between $0 and $500 on an average video.

Video marketing can be both effective and affordable. With 42% of marketers spending $500 or less (the largest percentage in the study), the ROI on video marketing has the potential to be tremendous.

7. 96% of video marketers say video has increased consumer understanding of their product or service.

By providing visual demonstrations and explanations that are easier to understand than text alone, the dynamic nature of videos allows consumers to clearly understand the features, benefits, and usage scenarios of a product or service. 

8. Incorporating video into your emails can result in a 300% increase in click rates.

Email marketing often outperforms every other marketing channel—but sending videos via email takes the impact of this outreach method to the next level. Adding video to emails can boost clicks by 300%, all while convincing more consumers to buy a product or service and decreasing the number of incoming support calls. We call that a win-win-win. 

Personalized Video Statistics

Tavus’ personalized AI videos being used for sales & marketing.

9. Personalized videos are 35% more likely to retain viewers than non-personalized videos.

Personalized videos are effective at building relationships with employees, customers, partners, and prospects. By addressing the audience directly and catering the content to their preferences and interests, consumers feel connected and emotionally invested in the content. 

If you want consumers to engage with your video, make them feel seen. Get started by finding the best personalized video software for your business.

10. Personalized videos can boost conversions by 500%.

Personalized videos establish a sense of connection and relevance with consumers, helping to astronomically boost conversions. By demonstrating attentiveness to the consumer’s needs, personalized videos build trust and credibility—ultimately driving higher engagement and conversions.

11. 49% of consumers enjoy the human connection of videos.

Marketers should get comfortable in front of a camera! Almost half of consumers prefer watching real humans rather than AI-generated avatars. 

But how do you offer personalization at scale? Recording a new video for every recipient isn’t realistic for growing teams. Luckily, AI video generator tools like Tavus allow you to record just one video of yourself…and then AI generates hundreds or thousands of videos customized for every recipient. These videos look and sound exactly like you, so your entire audience receives a personal message that makes them feel unique. 

Watch how it works:

12. Personalized videos have more unique click-through rates.

Videos uniquely tailored to each consumer perform better by several metrics. Specifically, they have a 4.5x higher unique click-through rate, revealing the importance of directly connecting with the individual consumer.

13. 99% of marketers believe that personalization strengthens customer relationships.

Almost everyone agrees that personalization works, with 99% of marketers indicating that personalization positively impacts customer relationships. This number continues to rise as marketers believe more firmly than ever in the impact of personalization.

Ready to take advantage of personalized videos? It’s time to try Tavus. The platform’s best-in-class AI video generation software converts one recording into as many as you need. Programmatically add Tavus videos to any of your workflows so individuals automatically receive real-time, personalized responses at any and all of your touchpoints. 

Overcome the hurdle of attention fatigue to inspire, delight, and convert.

Get started with Tavus

Video Marketing Trends

marketing trends

14. In 2023, video content is projected to make up 82% of all internet traffic.

Across all platforms, the results are in: people are watching video. Video’s popularity continues to rise, representing an astounding 82% of all online content consumed. This reveals the growing popularity and dominance of video as consumers’ preferred medium for information consumption.

But these numbers get even higher, since…

15. Audiences are watching video at higher rates than projected, with a 59% increase from 2019 to 2022.

Video consumption is outperforming its projections, with 4.2 billion plays compared to the projected 3.7 billion. That’s a 59% increase in video plays…with more to come this year. 

16. Almost 90% of marketers plan to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategies in the future.

Due to video’s unparalleled ability to engage and captivate consumers, effective marketing strategies tend to include video. So it comes at no surprise that 88% of marketers are planning on increasing their video content production, which is good news because...

17. 91% of people say they want to see more online videos from brands in 2023.

As demand for video content increases, it’s essential that marketers invest in developing a brand strategy that leverages video. This means marketers need a scalable video solution that requires low investment and generates strong ROI. 

18. 62% of all search results on Google include videos.

Video is becoming increasingly relevant in search engine optimization. That’s why it’s critical for businesses and content creators to recognize the significance of including video in all types of content.

19. 80% of marketers are holding live video events

Live video events represent one of the fastest-growing video markets. 60% of businesses said they held webinars last year with 30% of them hosting webinars at least once a month.

Video Engagement Statistics

metrics video measuring

20. Minutes spent watching videos has risen 87% since 2019.

Audiences are consuming video content at significantly higher rates compared to pre-pandemic times. The strong appetite for video consumption emphasizes the importance video has in a successful marketing strategy.

21. Compared to pages without video, people spend 2.6x longer on pages with video.

Incorporating video on any web page can significantly increase user engagement. Visitors will stay engaged and interested in the content when videos are present, leading to a longer interaction with your page. 

This offers businesses more opportunities to convey their message, showcase their products and services, and build a stronger connection.

22. Explainer videos have great success: 96% of consumers reported watching an explainer video, and 89% were swayed to make a purchase.

Consumers like to know what is behind a product or service. By simplifying complex concepts, using storytelling techniques, and creating transparency, explainer videos drive engagement and maintain viewers’ attention to effectively lead them toward making a purchase.

video primary goals

The most effective explainer video? One that’s personalized to the viewer. Imagine you could send a customized explainer video to every consumer that abandoned their cart, or to each customer that you’re trying to upsell or cross sell. You can address them by name, discuss the exact product they’re debating, and then explain away. 

This sounds like it would take forever…but not with AI personalized videos. Tavus allows you to reach out at these different touchpoints to keep your customers engaged at every step of their journey.

Learn how here

23. Audiences watch about 50% of the content in videos 5 minutes or less.

Wistia found that audiences stick around for about half of your short content. Shorter videos cater to shorter attention spans and help provide a condensed viewing experience. But that doesn’t negate the power of longer videos, which is growing in popularity.

24. Videos with interactive elements at the start have the highest conversion rates.

55% of marketers include an interactive element at the start of their videos, instead of the end. Interactive elements at the end of a video have much lower conversion rates at 6.8%, while those at the beginning fare far better, at 12.7%.

Social Media Video Statistics

social content

25. The percentage of marketers sharing videos on social media continues to rise.

In 2021, the percentage of marketers sharing videos rose by over 10% for both Instagram and Facebook. This number continues to rise across all platforms, with today’s marketers exploring short-form video content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

26. 58% of consumers watched more video ads on social media than on TV in 2022.

Social media is quickly becoming the preferred medium for consuming videos. This shows the shift in consumer behavior driven by the convenience, accessibility, and personalized nature of social media content. If businesses want to effectively reach and engage their target audience, social media videos are the way to go.

27. 71% of marketers created videos for social media in 2022.

Video marketing on social media improves reach and visibility since a rising number of consumers engage and share content with their friends. Plus, since social media platforms prioritize video content, it’s more likely to appear in feeds.

28. Nearly 80% of internet users have social media accounts, and each consumer has an average of 5.5 social media accounts across different platforms.

Since consumers engage across multiple platforms, ensuring that your content is shareable in various formats will increase views, and ideally engagement and conversions.

video indicators

29. 86% of consumers spent at least a quarter of their time on social media watching videos.

More time spent watching videos offers more opportunities for marketers to capture users’ attention.

30. Youtube is the most effective platform among video marketers.

Marketers perceive YouTube as being the most effective platform for video marketing, with 78% of video marketers rating it as effective. LinkedIn comes in second at 69%, followed by Instagram at 67%.

31. Tweets that include a video have 10x the engagement of text-only tweets.

Even though Twitter is not among the most popular platforms for video marketers, video content is still important on the platform. Regardless of your business’s chosen platform, video consistently delivers results at rates surpassing those of text-only content.

32. There has been a significant increase in purchase behavior across all social media platforms.

As consumers watch more videos, they make more purchases. Instagram Reels and TikTok marketing has seen over a 20% increase in purchases. Other platforms boast a similar increase in purchasing.

Get Started with Video Marketing

So, the results are in: video marketing works. Video marketing statistics reveal that the overwhelming majority of marketers are already using video. With video consumption on the rise, what are you waiting for? For the ultimate impact on engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty, video marketing is the way to go.

Ready to get to work? Start by choosing the right video marketing software for your business. You’ll want one that’s quick to implement, easy to use and scale, and gets you results fast—which means you’ll want Tavus

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, Tavus’ personalized AI videos can help lead you straight to conversions, engagement, and success. 

When it takes no time at all to generate thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of personalized videos, your team's success is unlimited. New product? No problem. Multiple campaigns? Easy. Evolving market? You’re already ahead of the curve.

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