Maximize Your Reach on Multiple Channels with Tavus
You can send Tavus videos via nearly any tool or communication channel you use. We break it down.
Johnathan Silver, Head of Content at Tavus
October 12, 2023

In today’s fast-paced, information-heavy world, brands are constantly searching for ways to make their communication stand out.

Personalized videos are proven to be a highly effective tool for capturing attention and building relationships with employees, customers, partners, and prospects.

But that isn’t enough. Often, it’s best practice to take an omni channel approach to get your audience’s attention. Tavus videos do just that.

The Tavus edge

Tavus is the only platform that allows brands to easily create and send interactive and immersive personalized videos featuring real people. And our presentation is just as impressive.

You can send Tavus videos via nearly any tool or communication channel you use. Let’s break down some of them.


Want your video to look better than just a link? Using one of many compatible mailing platforms, you can embed a Tavus video in your emails to draw readers' attention and drastically increase engagement.


For some platforms, just dropping a link actually does do the trick! Tavus videos sent via SMS not only display previews but play in-line. When your viewer can take action without leaving the platform they received your message, that keeps their attention and makes it much easier for them to take action and likelier to do so.

Social media

Recruiting talent or making sales introductions on LinkedIn? Sending a DM through another channel? Elevate your inbox game by simply pasting a link to your Tavus video. Your video will automatically display a preview and become playable within the app!


Onboarding a new customer? Tackling frequently asked questions? Handle those and more with Tavus videos within your product. Anywhere along the customer journey where you would interact with your client, partner, member, or subscriber, a Tavus video can fit there. Learn more about how to embed videos into your platform.

Get creative!

Discover the more than 500 platforms that support Tavus videos. And don’t stop there. Have an idea that’s outside the box? Share it with us! We won’t judge you. 

Look, we even had someone who used snail mail to send Tavus videos. They downloaded a video mp4 to a postcard and mailed it off. We celebrate that level of creativity. Tavus videos are designed to excite and build relationships with audiences, but let’s not forget how cool tools like these are and have some fun with them when we can!

More Tavus edge

Ready to share your videos with hundreds or thousands of contacts all at once? Tavus can also be used across any medium, and integrated within any CRM, outreach engine, or tool that supports custom variables. This means that the possibilities for how you can use Tavus videos are almost unlimited. Whether you're using them for customer success, sales, or other  purposes, Tavus videos can help you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Get started

Tavus videos are a highly effective tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience in a personal and engaging way. We highly recommend using a video thumbnail and sending videos via any channel you already use to communicate with your audience. It's been proven to spike watch and click-through rates.

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