11+ D-ID Alternatives [2024]
If you’re looking to create the best personalized AI videos at scale, discover the best D-ID alternatives out there in 2024.
February 21, 2024

D-ID specializes in creating AI-generated avatars to bring digital characters to life across apps and workflows within the booming AI video generator market. It has an estimated value of $472.9 million in 2022 alone, and experts predict this rapid expansion will continue at a 19.7% compound annual growth rate over the next seven years as demand soars.

A key driver behind this growth is video’s unparalleled ability to build authentic connections between brands and audiences. 

However, producing a high volume of videos tailored to each individual remains extremely labor-intensive. This leads content creators to AI video generator platforms that leverage state-of-the-art technology to automate personalized video creation at scale.

Being part of this industry is about making AI videos with realistic avatars. However, the high per-credit cost has some users looking for alternatives.

This article will cover the top alternatives to D-ID worth considering if you’re looking to take your personalized video strategy to the next level.

What is D-ID?


D-ID creates AI-powered digital presenters through their Creative RealityTM Studio product. 

This web app offers pre-made digital avatar options that can be customized by vocal tone, language, and emotional style. Users can upload images to generate AI portraits modeled after specific individuals and then D-ID uses neural networks to try and make the presenters and personas embody human-like expressions.

Beyond avatar creation, D-ID provides access to conversations between customized AI assistants and audiences through their Chat.D-ID tool. Users can engage AI bots equipped with specified visual appearances and personalities in a face-to-face format.

For developers, D-ID provides API integration allowing conversational AI experiences to be embedded within existing platforms and workflows ranging from games to enterprise applications. 


  • Enables creating customized, photorealistic AI video avatars
  • Facilitates human-like conversations via Chat.D-ID tool
  • Seamless API integration to embed lifelike bots into workflows
  • Provides multiple pricing tiers for different business needs
  • Grants limited free access to test capabilities


  • Substantial pricing jumps between paid tiers
  • Many key features are locked behind a paywall
  • Steep fees for advanced API usage at scale
  • Voice customization requires uploading audio files
  • Free trials impose usage limits
  • Uses robotic, unrealistic voices
  • Only makes avatars, not real people

Is Studio D-ID free? 

Studio D-ID grants users limited free trials to test capabilities, but full access requires paid memberships.

For the Creative Reality avatar builder, you can sample tools under the "Lite" level plan starting at $5.9/month billed annually. The free trial has serious constraints around usage duration, resolutions, and exporting options. More advanced functionality and higher resolutions are only enabled for "Pro" at $49/month and "Advanced" at $299/month plans.

Similarly, the Chat.D-ID conversational AI tool allows 6 free chats…before then requiring the $2.99/month subscription for 1000 additional chats. The API pricing also scales from $18 to $50 and then all the way to $190 monthly tiers based on intended integration complexity.

Best D-ID Alternatives 

If you’re looking for D-ID alternatives that are more realistic, have more features, and are more affordable, here’s our comprehensive list:

1. Tavus

Tavus enables anyone to create an unlimited number of personalized videos (or one-to-one marketing) tailored to individual recipients using AI technology. 

The platform makes it easy to get started. Simply record one template video outlining your core message. Then specify parameters to customize for each viewer, like their name, company, past purchases, special offers, etc.

Tavus' artificial intelligence then handles cloning your voice and facial expressions to generate fully authentic, unique videos personalized for each person according to the variables you define. The video production is completely automated without any additional effort post-recording.

That means it’s extremely scalable and easy to implement into your current marketing initiatives, whether it’s personalized cold emails to thousands of prospects or customized onboarding videos for different pay tiers. The core tenet is that Tavus fosters human-to-human connection — meaning your ROI will be that much greater.

You can instantly send videos through communication platforms using integrations like email, SMS, social media, website pop-ups, and more. Tavus also allows automating video deployment if a recipient takes an action like downloading content or registering for an event.

By exponentially scaling personalized video communication, Tavus boosts audience connection and campaign performance. Their platform paved the way for the video-first era through innovations in AI cloning and automation.

personalized video

Key features: 

  • Cutting-edge voice cloning and lip sync technology
  • Automated, event-driven video triggering
  • Single video template scales to millions of customized videos
  • Hyper-realistic facial movements and expressions
  • Detailed analytics for video campaign optimization

Tavus tops our list for its ability to create real, authentic human connections at scale — increasing ROI and making your prospects and customers feel an unexplainable pull to your brand.

Experience Tavus for yourself

2. Creatus.ai

Creatus.ai transforms texts into video content with AI technology. Users can either write their own scripts or choose from integrated templates covering ideas, tweets, captions, hooks, and more.

Creatus.ai then synthesizes visuals and animations aligned to the text, with customization options for styles, music, fonts, colors, and voiceovers. Users can create videos for social media, websites, blogs, online courses, and other mediums.


Key features: 

  • Transforms text into custom HD video
  • Generates unique visuals and animations
  • Customizable fonts, styles, and audio

Pricing: Free to demo. 

3. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an AI-powered video generation platform that can create videos via text prompts, URLs, images, and slides. Users can choose from a library of AI avatars or develop custom digital presenters. The platform also provides text-to-speech with over 80 language options along with tools to refine grammar, ideas, translations, and more. 

Key features: 

  • Realistic AI Avatars
  • Text-to-speech in 80+ languages
  • Refine grammar, ideas, and translations
  • Generate videos from text, URLs, and images

Pricing: Starts at $30 per month.

4. Colossyan

Colossyan Creator is an AI video generator that combines avatar and rendering technology with machine learning and NLP to produce presenter-style videos without requiring technical experience. The tool offers 50+ avatars, 70+ languages, and video templates.


Key features: 

  • Customizable AI Avatars
  • 70+ Languages Supported
  • Advanced AI Assistant
  • PPT & PDF Import

Pricing: Starts at $27 per month.

5. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform generating realistic digital avatars that appear to speak scripts that you choose. Users input scripts and Synthesia processes the request to convert text to avatar-focused videos. The library of 140+ avatars spans various ages, ethnicities, and personalities, plus translation support for 120+ languages. 

Key features: 

  • 120+ languages supported
  • PowerPoint import
  • Robust media library
  • Team collaboration

Pricing: Starts at $89 per year.

6. HeyGen

HeyGen is an AI-powered video creation platform that leverages natural language processing and generative AI models, HeyGen can transform text descriptions into videos with synchronized synthetic narration and animated avatars.

Users can choose from a variety of templates, fonts, images, colors, and other customizable elements to craft professional videos tailored for social media, tutorials, ads, branded content, online courses, and more.


Key features: 

  • Transforms text into custom HD video
  • Generates unique visuals and animations
  • Customizable fonts, styles, audio

Pricing: One free credit with monthly plans starting at $29. 

7. Hour One

Hour One is an AI video creation platform that lets users generate footage from text prompts. You can choose from 100+ human avatars with customizable voice acting in 60+ languages, integrate images and slides, select cinematic templates, define branding assets, and enable team collaboration. Videos export as shareable social media-ready mp4s. 

Hour One

Key features: 

  • 100+ customizable human AI avatars
  • 60+ languages and accents
  • Cinematic video templates

Pricing: Free three minutes per month or starting at $30 per month.

8. Rephrase.ai

Rephrase.ai is an AI-powered video creation platform that transforms text transcripts into realistic AI-generated videos. Whether creating training videos, sales videos, or digital assistant avatars, Rephrase.ai synthesizes lifelike visuals from your inputted dialogue.

Key features: 

  • Creates realistic AI-generated videos
  • Automated video creation via API
  • Seamless integration

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month.

9. Elai.io

Elai.io is an AI video creation platform that transforms text scripts into avatar videos. With customizable AI presenters, 65+ languages across 450+ voices, and 50+ templates, Elai.io can produce assets from social media, courses, product demos, and more.


Key features: 

  • 65+ languages, 450+ voices
  • 80+ diverse AI avatars
  • Integrated video editor


Pricing: One free minute, then starts at $29 per month. 

10. Animaker

Animaker is an online video creation platform enabling anyone to craft professional animated videos spanning commercials, intros, marketing videos, and more. Key features include customizable characters, text overlays, voiceovers, libraries of templates, images, and GIFs.

Users combine these assets with Animaker’s editing tools including animated text, dynamic scene transitions, and logo reveals to develop vivid, engaging videos. 


Key features: 

  • Custom animated characters
  • Logo animation
  • Transition effects

Pricing: Starting from $24 per month.

11. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video platform tailored for sales and marketing teams seeking to create exceptional buying experiences through video. Capabilities span personalized prospect outreach, AI-powered lead scoring, hosting, configurable CTAs, and analytics. Users can record messages, leverage automation triggers, and track performance without leaving Vidyard's dashboard. 

Check out our complete Vidyard review.

Key features: 

  • Workflow automation tools
  • Link sharing
  • Custom analytics reporting

Pricing: Freemium version with paid version starting at $29 per month.

FAQs on D-ID & Alternatives

Studio D-ID pioneers AI-powered video anonymization, but pricing limitations motivate many to seek lower-cost options without compromising on technology.

Is there a free version of Studio D-ID?

Yes, but you only get five minutes of video — meaning you can only really test out the product, and then you quickly have to pay.

Are there any free alternatives to Studio D-ID? 

Yes, but they offer restricted feature sets. Typically free video software lacks sophisticated features and privacy. Essentially, you get for what you [don’t] pay for.

What is similar to D-ID AI? 

If you want the most affordable, reliable, and high-quality alternative to D-ID, go with Tavus. It’s the leading software for AI video personalization in marketing. Tavus is similar in that it makes personalized AI videos — but instead of coming off as AI-generated or inauthentic to your prospects, they appear real. And that realness is what allows you to connect with viewers, whether it’s a video sales letter or part of your onboarding process.

Choose The Right D-ID Alternative For Your Business

Navigating the expanding landscape of AI video software to find the ideal match can prove daunting. While D-ID provides the tools to create AI videos, the lack of emotion and connection coupled with the high per-credit cost makes it limited.

In most cases, connecting authentically on an individual scale fuels growth. This is where Tavus, the premier platform for custom video communication, adds unmatched value. 

Backed by groundbreaking AI engineering, safety mechanisms, and encrypted delivery pipelines, Tavus unlocks seamless customer journey personalization securely to establish meaningful connections through real human emotion.

Tavus allows your brand to scale with personalization at the forefront of your campaign, making it the only tool that can improve your customer experience and conversion rates simultaneously.

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