AI in Sales: How Artificial Intelligence Can Scale Your Sales Team Successes [2024]
Boost your sales with AI! Discover strategies to scale your team's success & outsmart the competition in 2024.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 28, 2024

Working in sales is a grind. Even the most skilled sales teams often feel bogged down by the numbers game. At the same time, sales professionals understand that even the most repetitive activities are crucial for revenue growth. 

Fortunately, in recent years, countless AI tools have entered the market and freed up time and emotional capacity for sales professionals across the globe. From AI content editors to AI video generator tools to analytics data automation, sales teams are using more and more artificial intelligence to help scale their successes. 

Artificial Intelligence Definition

The term artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to computer systems that can carry out tasks that would typically require human intelligence, like problem solving, visual perception, and speech recognition. The term can also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind. 

AI platforms use a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, neural network algorithms, and other systems that can evolve and adapt over time. Individuals and businesses use artificial intelligence increasingly often to help perform tasks ranging from automating tedious processes to analyzing complex data. 

What is AI In Sales?

As AI technology grows in availability and capability, some individuals may assume that computers are “taking over” human jobs. Perhaps they picture an AI salesperson stepping in to close all of the team’s deals. 

On the contrary, several AI tools are now available to amplify the human talents of current sales team members. Using AI in sales involves leveraging the analytical power of computer systems to identify patterns in customer data, generate sales materials, automate follow-up messages, and more. 

AI Sales Example

As an example, sales teams can use AI tools like Tavus, a personalized AI video generator software, to expedite their outreach. 

Imagine you’d like to send a product demo to dozens of prospects. The latest video marketing statistics suggest that personalized videos have unique click-through rates up to 4.5 times higher than generic video messages. At the same time, recording a separate personalized video for every prospect is far too time-consuming. 

That’s where Tavus comes in. Tavus’ personalized video generator uses AI to create completely personalized videos based on one template video. Working off automatic data input or CSV files, Tavus means you can reach every recipient at the same time, whether it’s 100, 10,000, or 1,000,000. 

video script sample

Learn how to automate your sales demos with Tavus.

How AI is Used in Sales

Whether your sales team is short-staffed in a particular area or you’re looking to add momentum behind certain metrics, AI solutions can save you significant time.

Advanced Data Analysis

data analysis movement

Sales teams can leverage AI and machine learning to complete advanced data analysis for large datasets. Predictive analytics can inform targeted lead generation, saving time and money by enabling more efficient outreach. 

Advanced analytics also help predict customer behavior and inform sales representatives about the best prospects to follow up with for retargeting or upselling. 

AI Video Generation

AI generation

Studies show that video performs much better than static text in sales outreach, making AI video marketing software popular among sales teams. 

But, as video becomes more common on landing pages and within emails, sales professionals must go above and beyond to stand out. Since personalizing a message helps create an instant connection with a prospect, personalized video software has become an indispensable tool for many sales teams. 

With AI, instead of sitting down to record similar videos for hours on end, sales representatives can quickly expedite their outreach. For example, Tavus users can upload a single recording, and within seconds, they’ll have hundreds – or thousands – of different videos that include personalized content for every recipient. 

And Tavus allows you to “set it and forget it.” Once you have a template video recorded, you can set up a programmatic workflow where Tavus automatically pulls data and sends out personalized videos without any input from you. 

Let’s say you want to send a confirmation to every prospect who signs up for a demo. Tavus can take the data the customer adds to the input form and send out a video of your custom to each and every recipient. 

Scaling Sales Coaching

sales coaching

The success of a sales team often comes down to the coaching processes in place for sales representatives. While most organizations appreciate this fact, effective sales coaching can still be difficult due to dispersed teams, subjective frameworks, and overwhelming numbers of representatives. 

AI can help organizations scale their sales coaching processes through data analysis, unbiased feedback, remote access, and increased flexibility. For example, AI sales coaching software can provide insights into red flags or strong points in sales representatives’ calls or emails. 

New representatives can undergo training and coaching with AI role-play simulations so that their strategy is polished before a real customer is on the line. Sales coaches can cater to a broader range of locations and personalized needs by leveraging AI capabilities like these. 

AI for Sales Prospecting & Lead Generation

sales and lead generation

AI tools can automate and optimize the prospecting and lead generation process by parsing through large data sets and identifying useful patterns and predictions. Using market information, lead-scoring algorithms, and customer history data, AI tools can formulate prospect lists full of promising leads to target at the right time. 

This capability alone can help sales teams break out of the grind of reaching out to uninterested prospects, finally turning the tables toward a higher response rate.  

Predictive Forecasting


By leveraging advanced data collection and analysis capabilities, AI solutions can shed light on sales forecasts more quickly and accurately than human forecasting processes can. AI and machine learning can pick up on patterns in data to pinpoint trends and predict future outcomes. 

These predictions can help sales professionals tailor their messaging, timing, outreach list, and more to most efficiently scale their efforts. With insights like how likely they are to close a certain deal, sales representatives can plan their time around the highest-leverage prospects and touchpoints. 

Personalized Offer Recommendations

personalized offer

Manually sifting through customer purchase history and data to determine the best products and services to showcase next is nearly impossible at a high volume. AI can generate intent insights and quickly scan through historical data to understand every customer’s unique preferences and predict which products they might also like. 

These insights can then generate personalized offer recommendations that sales teams can send out to help drive customer engagement and connection. 

Want to make your personalized recommendations even more effective? Send them with a personalized video! The click-to-open rates on personalized videos are 16 times higher than generic videos and can boost conversion rates by 500%. Using the Tavus platform, users can record a single video and then upload a data sheet with names, personalized recommendations, and more. Tavus will generate unique videos for each person without the need to re-record!

AI Chatbots


Few tasks can suck more hours out of a day than monitoring a customer service chat. At the same time, leaving no way for prospects to ask clarifying questions or request more information can lead to leads falling through the cracks. Allowing website visitors to start a chat can increase customer engagement, improve SEO, and help you gather valuable customer insights.

AI chatbots can help bridge the gap by providing helpful answers on time, without requiring constant supervision by a sales representative. What’s more, AI chatbots can automate the lead generation process by collecting customer information as soon as a visitor on your website opens the chat. 

How to Implement Your AI Sales Strategy

AI tools can help sales teams scale in various stages and areas of the sales process. To implement AI into an effective sales strategy, the following steps can help:

1. Determine Sales Goals

What specific tasks or outcomes are you hoping to achieve and improve through the use of AI? 

Document these goals and ensure that they are specific, realistic, and attainable. Then, create a system for measuring progress toward your goals. Is there a specific number of contacts you’d like to reach in the next three months? A new dashboard you’d like your sales team to build? 

Getting clear about your goals and how to know when you’ve reached them will help you evaluate AI tools as you explore your options.

2. Use AI Sales Tools

Your well-defined goals will help guide you to the AI sales tools that make the most sense for your needs. Prioritize tools that are easy to use to best optimize your time and effort–and ensure that the tools you choose exercise strict practices for data security. 

Countless high-performing AI tools on the market can complete a range of tasks, from administrative work to social media communications to finding patterns in large data sets. Find the type that aligns with your goals, then take the time to explore available demos and reviews. 

For example, if your goals revolve around personalizing the customer journey for more engagement and conversions, then Tavus is the tool for you. This video marketing software uses generative AI to turn your single recorded video into thousands of personalized videos to send to your prospects in seconds.

sales tools

See how it works 

3. Tract Your Successes

Your chosen AI tools must help you scale your sales team and achieve success according to your goals to get buy-in for investment. Use the measurable goals you set in step one as a baseline to determine whether a particular AI sales tool is worth incorporating into your ongoing budget. 

If you’re sure you’ve found the perfect tool but you’re still discovering the best strategies for using it, take a look at the available analytics. Drill into the data to find out what type of impact your new tool is having on sales outcomes. 

For example, Tavus analyzes impressions, video views, CTA clicks, and open rate, while an AI lead prospecting tool might predict a lead’s potential lifetime value, the likelihood of making a purchase, and which lead segment they belong in.

4. Integrate AI Into Your Sales Workflows

You don’t want your AI sales tools to live outside your current workflows. They should be as automated and programmatic as possible for maximum productivity. 

For example, Tavus can be set up to automatically send out videos at every sales touchpoint. Has a prospect signed up for a demo? Record a template video so Tavus can send out a welcome addressing them by name, discussing their scheduled date, and who they’re going to meet. 

Do you need to follow up on some leads that have gone quiet? Set up a Zap so when you mark a lead as “follow up” in a spreadsheet they get a custom video addressing them by name, mentioning the date of your last call, and asking them to set up a new time to meet. 

With seamless integrations with more than 100 sales and communications platforms, Tavus is ready to make your life easier in multiple ways. 

Optimize Your AI Sales Strategy

While every sales activity is vital for company success, not every sales activity requires human supervision from start to finish. With new AI tools on the market every day, artificial intelligence can help cut out the tasks that only drain your time so you can free up your calendar for the meaningful interactions that close deals. 

While there are several types of AI sales tools on the market, if you’re looking to improve and automate your outreach and follow-up, Tavus is the ultimate option. Regardless of the architecture of your sales team, personalized video messages stretch your uptime and are 35% more likely to retain viewers than generic videos.  

Multiply your messages with Tavus to transform your sales arsenal and your calendar.

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