Personalization at Scale: What It Is & Best Practices [2024]
Unlock the power of personalization at scale in 2024. Dive into prime strategies & best practices to tailor experiences for every customer.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 28, 2024

Consumers are inundated with options for every single buying decision. From the moment they perform a Google search for a product or service they need, they’re bombarded by follow-up ads on every digital platform.


From choosing an accountant to selecting an outfit, every opportunity to spend money comes with an influx of ads and messages from countless different companies. While there’s beauty in this wealth of options, it also means that it’s getting more and more difficult for brands to stand out among the rest.


One of the best ways to differentiate your brand is through personalization at scale. By leveraging context and customer data, brands can develop a personalized approach to marketing, sales, and retention. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of personalization at scale, describe a few examples of this strategy, and explain how to implement personalized content

What is Personalization at Scale? 

Personalization at scale refers to the practice of tailoring every aspect of the customer experience based on immediate context and past data. By using what they know about a customer or group of customers, brands can create personalized content that speaks directly to their pain points, needs, and preferences. 

In the process, brands can forge customer interactions that are relevant and meaningful. The trickiest aspect of this strategy lies in the scaling. How do you make hundreds or thousands of customers each feel seen and heard, and deliver them unique content? 

With the right technology such as personalized video software, brands can personalize their marketing approach without sacrificing too much bandwidth. 

Benefits of Personalization at Scale

Personalization at scale requires a robust suite of technology and tools to deliver a constantly personal user experience, but the effort is well worth it. Personalization at scale is associated with the following key benefits for marketing, sales, and customer success teams:

Higher Conversion Rates

Personalized marketing and communications lead to significantly higher conversion rates and improved sales. In fact, Campaign Monitor reports that marketers see a 760% increase in email revenue from personalized email marketing campaigns compared to generalized campaigns. 

These higher conversions mean vast improvements in ROI, with fewer marketing efforts going unnoticed. When customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them and when your marketing addresses their needs, they’re much more likely to make a purchase. Applying this takeaway at scale means converting exponentially more audience members.


Enhanced Brand Image

Personalized marketing positions your brand as one that cares about its customers. In an Instapage survey, 87% of consumers stated that they feel more positively toward brands that send personally relevant content. Brands that listen and adapt to customer needs and data leave a lasting positive impression on their audience. 

Mistargeted ads can make customers feel lost in a sea of nameless faces, while personalization does the opposite: it makes people feel seen, heard, and valued. Receiving an email that links your past purchases to items you might be searching for in an upcoming season is impressive and helpful while receiving a general seasonal email is easy to forget. Personalization at scale means every customer can experience the very best of your brand, improving your overall image far and wide.


Improved Customer Retention

Personalization at scale can also improve the lifetime value of each customer. A McKinsey & Company study revealed that customers were 78% more likely to make repeat purchases from companies using personalization compared to companies that do not. 

One of the most exciting aspects of personalization at scale is that the more touchpoints and data sources you have with each customer, the better you can tailor your messaging and future interactions to suit them. 

One customer purchase can lend itself to countless future suggestions, which you can further tailor based on customer engagements. This specificity makes customers more likely to see something they like within your marketing messages and make another purchase in the future. When you apply these personalized suggestions and touchpoints in a scalable way, you can unlock higher retention rates through an efficient personalization strategy.


Better Customer Experience 

Not only do tailored messages and suggestions help your bottom line and sales numbers, but they also make life easier for your customers. Receiving a personalized recommendation straight to your inbox is always easier than going searching for the right product, and with appropriate use of customer feedback and data, marketing teams can anticipate customer needs at scale. 

Proactively solving problems for your customers provides a more positive experience on both sides. On the flip side, 71% of consumers feel frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences. Personalization at scale means exceeding customer expectations across the board. 

Personalization at Scale Examples

Personalization at scale can manifest in a variety of formats. Consider these examples of personalization at scale as you begin to implement this practice in your marketing and sales flows. 

Personalized Videos

Video marketing statistics suggest that videos are one of the most impactful communication methods, with a 300% increase in click rates for emails that include videos. Sending personalized videos through email at various steps in the marketing process can quickly build trust and connection with your audience, turning them into loyal customers in no time. 

Personalized videos can help you stand out from the crowd because, without the right AI marketing tools, it’s next to impossible to send out personalized videos to every single customer without a very large, very busy marketing team.


Very few organizations have the bandwidth to record an individual video for every customer, but with AI video generators like Tavus, you can multiply your efforts and customize any video for thousands of recipients.

personalized video

Using AI voice cloning and lip-syncing, real media blending, and endlessly customizable dynamic variables, Tavus will turn your single video into hundreds, thousands, or even a million personalized videos to make your customers feel special. 

Here’s how it works: you record one high-quality video of yourself speaking to a general recipient. It can contain personalized details like first name, previously purchased items, the month they purchased from you last, their birthday, where they work, where they live, and much more! 

Then, upload a CSV file that has all the personalized information for each recipient. And then Tavus works its magic. 

Want to scale this even more? Seamlessly deliver those tailored messages to your audience through the outreach tools you already use. Tavus integrates with your existing workflows and does the heavy lifting for you so you can Tavus can reach your audience at the right time, in the right place.

Learn more about Tavus. 

Product Recommendations

One of the most common and impactful avenues for personalization at scale is in product recommendations. A well-known example of a company using this form of personalization is Netflix. Every user’s home dashboard includes a robust selection of suggested content based on past viewing and ratings.

movie recommendations

With this handy menu of endless suggestions created specifically for you, it becomes more and more difficult to navigate away from Netflix when you’ve finished one movie and are ready for the next. After all, there are plenty of hand-picked suggestions at your fingertips! 

Curating a similar experience for your customers can magnify your upselling and cross-selling efforts, boosting your sales while also providing your customers with items aimed at solving their problems and fulfilling their needs. 

Take it a step further and create a personalized video to communicate product recommendations for each customer based on their past buying behavior and feedback! Presenting customers with a video of a friendly face calling them by name is truly going the extra mile, and with AI sales tools like Tavus on your side, this added personalization effort can be completed for countless customers in a matter of minutes.

Now that is scaling.

Specific Discounts

Offering specific discounts is a great way to make customers feel like they’re receiving special treatment. A common use of this strategy is to offer a specific discount to cart abandoners to encourage them to return to your site and complete checkout. 

Tavus' video script template for customer deals

When they receive a special discount that isn’t listed on your site or in your general emails, customers will feel more urgency to use the discount and complete their purchase, while also developing a more positive view toward your brand. 

When it comes to high-ticket items, make every special discount feel hand-delivered with a personalized video message. Use Tavus to record a video, then upload a document with customer names, their abandoned cart items, and their personalized discount code. Or, set up a Zap so that every time you mark a customer in a spreadsheet as “needs discount,” Tavus will automatically make and send them a video based on your original template. 

Tavus will use AI to create a specific video for each and every customer, driving them back to your website to complete their purchase. This personalized video marketing strategy can supercharge your sales.

How to Scale Your Personalization Strategy 

Personalized marketing and sales strategies have countless uses and make a substantial impact on sales success. At the same time, scaling a personalization strategy requires the right technology and tools for sustainable implementation.

1. Customer Data Analysis

For any personalization to occur, it’s necessary to first thoroughly understand your customers. To scale your personalization strategy, you need tools that can quickly sort and structure customer data from a variety of sources. 

From there, the unified data set can inform the next steps of the marketing strategy for each customer and the personalized options they should be presented with. Customer data that plays into scaling a personalization strategy can include: 

  • Immediate context, like how they reached your website or where they are viewing your ad
  • Any demographic information, in the case of social media ads
  • Past purchases 
  • Customer ratings on past purchases
  • Engagement with past campaigns
  • Purchasing trends

Video metrics tracked using Tavus' analytics suite

By leveraging metrics like these, you can communicate in the manner best suited to each customer and proactively meet their upcoming needs.

2. Personalization Software

In order to use the organized and unified data toward personalization at scale, you need personalized video software tools that can alleviate the lift of creating individualized recommendations, messaging, marketing cadence, and more. 

Personalization technology examples like Tavus make it possible to make each customer feel special and seen, without eating away at innumerable work hours to do so. With Tavus, one recorded video can quickly transform into thousands.

Other software to consider include email marketing software like Mailchimp, automation tools like Zapier, AI writers like GrowthBar, and offer customization platforms like OfferFit.

3. Content Creation

You’ve got tools to make sense of your customer data and software to help you personalize your videos, ads, and other content. Now it’s time to create that content. 

Use the insights from your customer data to break down your content creation needs and the best avenues for communication with your audience. Then, get started on bringing it to life. 

Record videos, design ads, and draft messaging that gets to the heart of each customer’s needs and communication style. Use your personalized software to make those videos and messages unique to every customer. This phased approach allows for precision and drives results in sales numbers and customer retention. 

4. Creating a Feedback Loop

The best marketers never leave well enough alone. Tap into your data analysis tools and your open lines of communication with customers to determine what’s working and what’s not in your scaled personalization approach. 

Is anyone incorrectly segmented? Are you missing crucial data that you could fill in with an easy feedback form? Is your message landing as you’d hoped? Address each detail on an ongoing basis, and keep listening. 

By creating a feedback loop in which you implement personalized feedback into a personalized solution, you can further impress your customers and continue to create and market products that fulfill their needs.

Personalization at Scale Is Finally Here

Achieving personalization at scale means you’ve cracked the code on delivering individualized customer experiences without losing the human touch–all while optimizing business efficiency and return on investment. 

And there’s a reason why marketing teams using personalization really stand out: because it’s pretty hard to do. Especially without a large team, personalizing marketing materials and customer experiences at scale is simply not feasible. 

But finally, with tools like Tavus, this reality is beginning to shift. Now, marketing teams can implement personalization in various steps of the sales and marketing process–without slowing down their productivity. 

Leverage the power of personalization while keeping time on your side with Tavus. Upload a single video and turn it into dozens, hundreds, or thousands of personalized versions to deliver a friendly face and a unique experience to each of your customers and audience members. Get started on scaling your personalization efforts today.

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