Making Personalized Content: Anatomy of a Tavus Video
Custom backgrounds. Landing pages. You! Learn what goes into a Tavus video and how it works.
Johnathan Silver, Head of Content at Tavus
October 12, 2023

Tavus videos are a powerful tool for businesses looking to engage and convert their audience. But what exactly goes into a Tavus video and how does it work?

Here's a breakdown of the anatomy of a Tavus video and the key components that make it so effective:


We’re not being cheesy here. At the heart of every Tavus video is a real person, not an avatar. 

We use AI-generated voice and high-definition lip sync to seamlessly blend synthetic media with each user’s face and voice to create realistic personalized videos.

Tips for presenting the best you

  • Keep it casual. Speak as if you’re talking to a friend. This is an opportunity to create a powerful connection with another person. Be authentic and personable. Ditch corporate speak and stodgy scripts.

  • Look at your camera when speaking. It’s just like looking someone in the eye. If you look off camera or appear disconnected, your audience will pick up on that.

  • Here’s a fun fact: opening or closing your video message with a simple wave has been linked to spikes in results. But make sure not to cover your face with your hand, though!


Backgrounds are not traditional Zoom backgrounds that work like a green screen. Instead, they're visual aids that sit behind your cloned video, similar to a screen share. They can be either a video or an image.

There are two types of backgrounds: standard and variable.

Standard backgrounds are backgrounds that are the same across all videos within a campaign.

Variable backgrounds, though, is a special, Tavus-exclusive feature: they allow users to create custom generated backgrounds for each individual video. That means even if they’re part of the same campaign, each video can have a different background specifically for that viewer.

Backgrounds also can be live webpages, such as someone’s LinkedIn profile or a company website. Users just need to attach the URL, which will generate a video scrolling that particular webpage.

Not looking for a background to your videos? We also offer full-screen videos without backgrounds.

But here’s why they’re important: Backgrounds are tools to help you convey your message, incentivize views and supplement what you're saying. When choosing your background, consider the overall aesthetic and the impact it will have on your message.

Tips for making your backgrounds effective

  • Be sure to select a content-based background that actually complements and supports what's being said in the video, rather than a random or distracting image.

  • Make sure your video aligns with the background. Sometimes video timestamps are off. For example, if you say, “I was looking at your website,” but the background video doesn't switch to their website until 10 seconds later, then it isn't effective.

  • Choose a background that helps viewers focus on your core message. Don't have too much going on that will distract viewers.

Landing page

Landing pages are what host your video. When Tavus generates a video, we are really providing you with the URL of a hosted landing page with the video embedded in the page.

These landing pages make it possible for your audience to receive information, as well as take action. They also come with their own space for images, like a company logo, written messages, and clickable CTA buttons (e.g. “Book a demo,” “Learn more”).

Landing pages aren’t just nice elements to look at. They spike engagement with your audience, and they allow you to track how your videos perform.

Tips for picking effective landing pages

  • Include personalization, such as "Hey, Amanda!" with that name being changed to the same name as the person the video is sent to 

  • Make sure your calls to action match your video script and the actions you'd like the user to take

  • Utilize additional functionality, like adding your logo and brand colors, to build a brand image and maximize your benefit

Why this format works

The Tavus video format packs a punch because it is designed to be highly personalized and tailored to the individual viewer. By using your own voice and tone and customizing the background and landing page to fit your needs, you can create an authentic message for audiences of all sizes, including potential customers, and do so in record time.

What else you need to know

A personalized video can fit anywhere you want to have a one-on-one interaction with someone. That could be sales, marketing, product demos, education, public service announcements. The possibilities are endless for your personalization strategy.

That means Tavus videos by themselves aren't magic. The magic comes from the message. Be thoughtful about how you want to connect with your audience. No one knows your audience like you do.

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