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We build fast so our users can have the best experience possible. Stay up to date on feature releases, product improvements, and our roadmap as we build Tavus. Want to see a specific feature? Drop us a note!

Coming Soon

Sneak Peek of What's Coming... 👀

What you can expect:

  • Improved Zapier and API functionality

  • Support 1080p video

  • Reduced training time for AI voice model

  • Automatic eye tracking to reduce re-recording

  • Revamped video thumbnails with subtitles, logos, and more!

February 14, 2023

Video Effectiveness Features

Enhanced Video Previews

Tavus personalized video previews have been enhanced. Thumbnail previews + play previews are now supported universally across all channels. When sent via SMS or MMS, Tavus videos now play inline as well, further increasing video watch rates.

Enhanced CTAs on Page

  • Embed Calendly, or other calendar, directly onto the landing page

  • Embed Paperform, or other form provider, directly onto the landing page

  • Mailto and SMS CTAs now supported

Full Screen + Vertical Videos

Tavus now supports full screen videos with no backgrounds, as well as vertically framed videos, either with or without backgrounds. To enable this on your account, please contact the Tavus support team.

New Landing Pages + Faster Load Time

Refreshed landing pages for improved conversions. Tested in controlled environments, these landing page layouts are proven to drive higher conversion rates, plus, they look a lot better. Landing pages also load 80% faster for viewers, improving watch rates. Per usual, all aspects of this landing page can be fully customized to your brands identity.

HTML Embeds on Landing Page

We now support more than calendly and paperform embeds on Tavus landing pages. Tavus supports HTML embeds directly on the landing pages in designated areas.

February 1, 2023

Streamlined Onboarding Experience

Eliminated Microphone Requirement + Improved Audio Quality

No more studio grade microphones required! Onboard faster with just a normal laptop microphone. Released audio normalization and quality improvement to power to change, as well as simplify the recording process. Please do not use airpod microphones!

Multiple Campaigns in Parallel

Record multiple campaigns or AI models at any time, meaning you don't need to wait for your training to process before recording additional campaigns. This allows users to record more campaigns, with less time and delays.

Released User Facing Resources

Optimized Self Service Onboarding

Tavus onboarding is now self serve and streamlined. UI improvements and revamps have been released, allowing users to simply onboard to Tavus without support in <20 minutes. The onboarding process has been broken into sections, allowing users to pause if needed.


  • Added support for manually copying thumbnails

  • Improved UX for adding company logo to landing page

  • Fixed bugs with v3.0 onboarding flow

January 15, 2023

Introducing Tavus 3.0, and the Changelog :)

A bunch of new features

We rebuilt many aspects of Tavus from the ground up to be faster, more intuitive, 10x more powerful, and ultimately easier to use, so we're excited to share some of these awesome new features you have been asking for! Also, we're launching a public changelog to give better insights into what's happening behind the scenes over here 🚀

AI Lipsync V3.0

HD Lipsync is live for all users! Generate videos like never before with lipsync quality that's Netflix quality. Check out this example.

Portal Redesign + Refresh

  • Tavus has returned to light mode!

  • Portal UI is more friendly and predictable, with improved functionality such as campaign management, improved video generation processes, audio previews, and more

  • Users can see onboarding progress and stages from home page

Optimized QA processes

Quality assurance now occurs on all Tavus videos within minutes of generation. If errors are detected, the video will be corrected without the URL changing. Additionally, video status ensures videos will not be sent until QA is completed.

Native Integrations

Integrate natively with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more to power programmatic workflows. When an action (a trigger) occurs, a Tavus video will automatically be generated and returned to your software. No humans required

Additionally, Tavus videos now have Primary Identifies to map integrations across video campaigns.

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