Maverick Review: AI-Generated Personalized Video Software Review & Alternatives [2024]
Discover everything you need to know about Maverick AI, a personalized video software. Learn about top Maverick alternatives in our comprehensive guide.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
May 28, 2024

The digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, and a current trend that's taking the online business world by storm is AI-generated personalized videos

One tool marketers might consider is Maverick AI. Claiming to offer robust AI-powered personalized video messaging features for marketers, its effectiveness and efficiency remain under question.

Some video marketing statistics show that personalized videos have the potential to amplify email click-through rates by 250% and enhance return on investment by a staggering 500%. However, the effectiveness of these outcomes hinge greatly on the choice of video creation and distribution software.

Does Maverick fit the bill? We vote no…and offer some better alternatives. Let’s take a look. 

What is Maverick?

Maverick is AI-driven software that helps you create videos personalized with customer names. Users record a script so Maverick can “capture” their voice. Then, users upload their base videos for personalization.

Maverick  claims to enhance customer engagement and customer experience campaigns. But when delving into its technological features and actual performance metrics, the platform's overall reliability comes into question.

Maverick AI vs Maverick Medical AI

Don’t confuse with Maverick Medical AI. While they share similar names, they are very different software offerings.

Maverick Medical AI serves healthcare organizations with software that streamlines medical coding and automates the coding process. Maverick AI is for sending personal video messages to customers, and that’s the software we’ll be reviewing today. 

Maverick Review

Maverick sample videos

Maverick has several features to potentially add value to your business. But whether or not it delivers on these fronts is a question that requires careful evaluation.


Maverick features include: 

  • AI-Powered Personalization: Enables the creation of personalized video messages for customers using a base video.
  • Ready-To-Use Scripts and Templates: Equipped with pre-written scripts and ready-to-use templates.
  • Multiple Use Cases Application: From post-purchase acknowledgment to abandoned cart reminders, the software serves various customer interactions.
  • CRM Integrations: Integrates with ecommerce platforms and CRM systems, including Shopify, Woocommerce, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Zapier, etc.
  • Performance Analytics: Provides user engagement metrics and other performance analytics to measure the impact of campaigns.


As you make an informed comparison, you may want to consider some points in Maverick's favor: 

  • Name personalization: Maverick’s AI copies your voice and inserts your customer’s name into your base video.
  • Multi-platform Support: Integrates with a wide range of CRM platforms.
  • Easy Setup: Minimal setup time with no engineering work required. 
  • Shopify App: Maverick’s personalized video generator is available in the Shopify app store for direct back-end integration. 


However, Maverick also has significant areas for development:

  • Limited Personalization Scope: At present, the only personalization available is customer first names. 
  • Limited Language Support: The software currently only supports English and Spanish names.
  • No Support for One-Off Campaigns: The service is designed for ongoing use cases based on CRM triggers rather than one-off campaigns.
  • Poor lip sync quality: Lip movement on some names is clunky and clearly AI-generated.
  • Lack of reviews: There are very few reviews available on this software.


Maverick currently offers two plans that may or may not fit your needs and budget:

  • Starter Plan: $100/month 
  • Pro: Contact them for custom pricing

The Bottom Line on Maverick

It's fair to state that Maverick would catch your eye if you were in the market for personalized ai-generated videos. But as you dig deeper, the limitations in functionality and few reassurances regarding the product’s value make for a less promising picture. 

If you look past the marketing and hype…what you’re paying for is the ability to add a customer’s name to your template videos. Why settle for that when there are programs that offer so much more? 

Maverick AI Alternatives

In the near future, your customer’s inboxes will be full of personalized video messages. So how will yours stick out? You’ll need software that provides top-quality, accurate AI videos that go beyond a name. Read on to discover some alternatives that do just that.  

1. Tavus

Tavus is an AI-powered enterprise video platform that is revolutionizing personalized video communications through its generation of hyper-realistic videos at scale. Its AI technology merges synthetic media with your voice and face, creating an impactful personal touch that genuinely motivates and connects with viewers. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Record a Video: Record any message you want. This video will serve as the template from which Tavus generates future videos. 

2. Determine the Variables: Pick the variables to personalize for each customer. These can be names, locations, products in their cart, entire sentences, and so much more. There’s no limit to the customizations! 

3. Add your Data: Upload a CSV file or integrate your tech stack to automate the production and sending process based on predetermined actions. For example, when a prospective customer fills out a website form, it triggers Tavus to automatically create and send a video made especially for them, using the information they added in the form. 

4. AI-Generated Videos: Tavus generates thousands of videos that look and sound just like you–thanks to its best-in-class AI voice cloning, lip-syncing, and real media blending that replicate how you speak, move, and show emotion.

5. Analytics and Insights: Tavus measures and tracks the performance of your videos, including video views, number of unique visitors to a page, CTA conversions, and engagement rates. 

Tavus CSV upload


  • State-of-the-art AI face and voice cloning coupled with HD lip-syncing offer true-to-life video renditions
  • Ability to auto-generate countless unique videos without manual intervention
  • Integration with 100+ platforms, enabling personalized videos to slot into automated workflows
  • Quick, efficient, 10-minute AI training
  • Comprehensive analytics on video performance, CTA conversions, and viewer engagement
  • Personalized GIF previews to augment video conversion rates
  • Highly customizable, drag-and-drop white-labeled landing pages

Best for:

Tavus best serves mid-size and enterprise companies looking to supercharge their personalized video creation to enhance customer interaction and engagement.

If you’re looking to experience a significant shift in your customer reach and engagement, Tavus is the solution.

Join Tavus today!

2. Synthesia

Synthesia is a video marketing software that targets businesses seeking advanced text-to-speech and video voice-over services. Instead of generating videos with actual humans, Synthesia uses AI-based avatars–photorealistic representations of humans–to deliver your messaging. Create a custom avatar, like yourself or a team member, or choose from one of the many stock avatars available from Synthesia.

This raises the question: “How can you leverage the emotional impact of video if customers aren’t connecting at a human level?” Human connection in marketing is crucial for building trust and establishing authenticity. People relate to and trust other people, not impersonal entities or brands. Showcasing the human side of your business helps establish trust and authenticity, both of which are critical in fostering customer loyalty.

Choosing an avatar


Let’s see what other features Synthesia offers:

  • AI-based avatar creation
  • Text-to-speech function
  • Voice cloning capabilities
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Screen recording
  • AI script assistant and pre-made video templates
  • Auto-generated closed captions


Synthesia offers two plans

  • Personal: $22/month
  • Business: Requires a demo

Best for: Businesses who want to create videos with avatars.

Read more in our full Synthesia Review.

3. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video hosting, creation, management, and analysis platform. It provides screen recording and webcam capturing features, enabling users to create and share videos across various channels such as social media, email, and websites. 

The platform also offers customizable video content and integration with multiple CRM and marketing tools. However, this software doesn’t have any AI personalization or generation features. Vidyard allows you to manually create one-off videos. If you want a personalized version, you’ll have to record it again. 

So, while it’s a reputable software, it has a narrow scope of service.

Vidyard video in email


  • Use on desktop, mobile app, or browser extension
  • Screen and camera recording
  • Video editing and stitching  
  • Share links from the platform or send via email
  • Real-time notifications on views, and viewer metrics
  • Integration with Outlook, Google, Salesforce, and Hubspot
  • Publish directly to some social media platforms


  • Free
  • Pro: $19/month, billed annually
  • Plus: a new offering, $59/month if paid annually, $89/month if paid monthly
  • Business: contact them for a custom price

Best for: 

Sales teams looking to inject personalized video content into their sales cycles.

 To see how Vidyard compares to similar tools, you may be interested in our comparison of Vidyard vs. Loom.

Use the Best Maverick Alternative to Send Personalized Videos may make big promises, but evidence suggests that other solutions offer better value and reliability. Not to mention the limitations on the level of personalization and scalability on offer. This is where Tavus emerges as an enticing alternative.

Tavus champions quality, personalization, and comprehensive analytics. With its superior AI, it produces highly realistic videos using your cloned face and voice to communicate with customers in a truly personal way. Not just by their names, but so much more. 

Even better is the level of automation available with Tavus. Set triggers in your workflow, and the system sends personalized messages automatically, with no additional input from you or your team. Now that’s leveraging the power of AI!

Don't settle for less when you deserve more. 

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