How to Make AI Videos (Step-by-Step Guide for 2024)
Master AI video creation in 2024! Follow our easy step-by-step guide to produce stunning AI-generated videos that captivate audiences. Start now!
February 21, 2024

Brands that understand the power of personalization can also easily grasp the need for sophisticated AI tools in creating video communications for customers and prospects. Since 89% of marketers see a positive ROI when they use personalization in their campaigns, making personalized AI videos will become a must-have skill. 

With personalized video software from Tavus, making AI videos that speak directly to your prospects and clients can take as little as five minutes. Read on for the step-by-step breakdown on making thousands of personalized videos in a matter of minutes. 

How to Make AI Videos (In 5 Minutes)

The best way to make AI videos is to implement personalization at scale using Tavus. This software allows users to create beautiful, individualized AI videos in a matter of minutes. 

Follow these steps to begin your personalized video campaigns:

1. Record a template video

template video

Record your base video just once. Once you’ve created a script you love and rehearsed your tone and delivery, head into the Tavus platform and record your video message. 

Be sure to speak clearly and refrain from covering your face with any hand gestures or objects. 

2. Edit your AI video

AI mail

Here’s where the magic happens. Once you’ve recorded your template video, select the words or phrases that you want to change for each individual video message iteration of the template. 

By making these into dynamic variables, you can address your audience by name, call out details of their product or yours, refer to past conversations, and much, much more. Variables can be any length, making your script unique for each and every viewer. 

On top of customizing your message, make the visual experience unique for each recipient, too. Include a custom background like a scrolling capture of your customer’s website for an even more unique experience with each video. 

Add personalized CTAs to skyrocket conversions and get the conversation started!

3. Let Tavus make your AI video

Preview Variables

Choose to send a one-off video based on your template, create a programmatic video, or generate videos in bulk using a CSV. The fastest way to work up an impressive volume of videos is to create a CSV file with recipient names and corresponding customized variable data. 

Upload the CSV to Tavus, make any necessary changes to variables, and click “Generate Videos.”

4. Send out your AI video

AI salesforce

Depending on when you upload your CSV and how many videos you’re creating, you may need to wait a few hours or up to a day for your videos to be processed and checked for quality. Then, you’ll be ready to send your AI video through email or another channel of choice. 

Add the generated video URL and thumbnail to your usual marketing channels or CRM to seamlessly send out a personalized video to your audience. 

Alternatively, set up event-driven video generation using real-time, programmatic triggers in Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more. For example, thanks to direct integrations, you can program a trigger so that any time a new contact is added in Salesforce, a new personalized AI video is created using your template and then sent via MailChimp. 

This hands-off approach to personalized marketing means you can increase your touchpoints and output without running into sustainability issues. 

Make a video with Tavus

What Makes the Best AI Video?

While AI can be an indispensable tool, it’s also important to consider the factors that differentiate high-quality AI videos from those that don’t quite perform. 

AI generation of real people 

The best AI videos use video templates from real people to create truly unique and personal messages. Instead of relying on avatars that look and feel robotic, Tavus leverages your real videos as templates to create thousands of personalized videos. 

High-quality lip syncing & voice cloning

Sending a personalized video message with sub-par voice cloning and lip-syncing can lead to confusion and distrust from customers and prospects. The only way to glean top value from AI video tools is to use software that creates believable, authentic audio and visual outputs.

Using a combination of synthetic media and your recorded voice, Tavus lip-syncing and voice cloning accurately replicate the way you speak. Capture emotions and expected intonation to foster a genuine human connection using Tavus. 

Real media blending 

By starting from a real video template of you recording your message, Tavus helps create AI videos with real media blending. By combining the power of your personality and true human emotion with the scalability of AI video technology, Tavus facilitates powerful connections through personalized video email marketing

Scalability opportunities

The best AI video software can meet the needs of your business at each and every stage. Whether you need to create AI videos on a one-off basis or you’ve grown to a point where you require thousands of personalized videos at once, Tavus has a solution for your AI video needs. 

Without the ability to scale your video efforts, adding video to your sales, marketing, and customer service workflows is all but pointless. You need a solution that can grow with you without demanding countless hours of employee time. That’s why Tavus makes it possible to multiply your efforts within seconds.

With Tavus, you can even automate video creation using programmatic videos. For example, connect your Tavus account to your CRM or email software, then create a trigger in Tavus that activates whenever a new contact is added. That trigger will not only create a unique variation of your video to be sent to your new contact but will even send that video out automatically with no tedious work on your end. 

Event-driven video generation 

One of the key benefits of using artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts is the increase in efficiency and hands-off productivity. Tavus can generate new AI videos based on your templates triggered by events like new customers in Salesforce, email replies, and more. 

Event-driven video generation works by associating triggers with a video template. As an example, you could record a video template that you want to send to every person who fills out a contact form on your website. Then, use your existing CRM systems like Salesforce to connect with Tavus. 

From there, set up a trigger to activate when that form is filled out. The trigger will then tell Tavus to create a unique video based on your template and send it to the person who filled out the form based on the content they included. 

FAQs on AI Video Making 

The prospect of leveraging AI to create thousands of videos for your clients and prospects is undeniably exciting, but it also raises substantial questions. Learn more about making videos with artificial intelligence. 

How do I make an AI video?

The best way to make an AI video is to use Tavus software. This platform allows you to record a single template video, and then turn it into thousands or even a million high-quality, individualized videos based on your selected variables. Then, you can easily send videos out via your marketing channels or CRM and even set up automated triggers to create and send future videos. 

Create an AI video with Tavus today. 

Can generative AI make videos?

Some artificial intelligence tools can generate videos from scratch without the need for a template or a real human recording. While these may appear convenient, it’s important to consider the key purpose of your videos in the first place. 

Many organizations use AI videos to create a personal connection and a feeling of one-to-one marketing with their prospects and customers and to streamline a communication process that feels similar to a face-to-face conversation. 

How do I make an AI avatar video for free?

Several open-source tools may allow you to create AI marketing avatars for free and animate them. However, in situations where you need a truly believable, high-quality video that looks, sounds and feels like a human recording, Tavus is the best option for AI videos. 

Does ChatGPT make videos?

Since ChatGPT is a text-based artificial intelligence language model, it cannot create videos. 

Get Started with the Best AI Video Maker

The best AI video maker for high-quality videos that feel human and personalized is Tavus. Watch your productivity and your customer connections skyrocket when you use Tavus to generate hundreds, thousands, or even a million highly relevant, personalized videos based on a single recorded template. 

Get started with a demo today

More AI Video Tools

The range of possible applications of AI video tools is nearly endless! Dig into additional AI video tools for streamlined production and engaging content in minutes. 

AI Video Editor

Artificial intelligence can improve the tedious process of video editing for a wide range of marketing purposes. For example, brands may use AI video editing tools to create social media videos that change scenes with the beat of a chosen song or use intelligent cut suggestions. 

Tavus allows users to edit selected variables, edit the background of each video, and make changes to their video template with the added capabilities of AI. 

Learn about Tavus’ AI video editor 

Free AI Video Generator

Free AI video generators are generally intended for very short professional videos that rely on an AI avatar. Without human input for the audio and visual aspects of the video, it’s difficult to capture a connection or an authentic personality. 

Tavus uses a recorded video template to create thousands of personalized iterations of a single video. 

Try Tavus today. 

AI Text to Video Generator 

Some organizations need a tool that will convert a text script or description into a video. AI text-to-video generators use algorithms to interpret and visualize the text provided, then generate video sequences that correspond to instructions from the text. 

More about Tavus’ text-to-video generator

AI Talking Head Video Generator 

An AI talking head video uses a shot of a person from the shoulders up. It might feature a human person, an animated character, or an AI-generated avatar. They use AI to create a lip sync effect as the character or subject speaks. 

Try an AI talking head video generator. 

AI Voice Generator 

There is a wide range of available AI voice generators. Some of them create human-like voices from scratch, while others, like Tavus, draw from a real human voice from a recording. AI voice generators can transform written text into audio, and some generators give users a selection of accents to choose from. 

With Tavus, users record their real voice and upload a video template, which allows the AI to generate an authentic voice that matches the real accent and speaking style of the creator. 

Try the Tavus AI voice generator today. 

AI Spokesperson Video Creator 

An AI spokesperson video creator is a tool that combines AI-generated avatars or characters with pre-recorded voices to create videos where the spokesperson conveys a message. The spokesperson might be an individual from your organization or an AI-created avatar. 

Tavus makes it easy to customize videos based on a single uploaded template so that your spokesperson videos can speak directly to each recipient. 

Use Tavus as an AI spokesperson video creator today. 

AI Script Generator 

There are countless AI tools available to help you generate a script for your next video. A well-written prompt detailing the purpose and content of the video can help the tool create written content that you can leverage in your next video. 

Then, use Tavus to turn your script into a video template that you can customize for each and every recipient.

AI Video Maker 

An AI video maker is an artificial intelligence tool that makes it easier to create, edit, or enhance videos. Tavus can take one video template and turn it into thousands or even a million personalized videos using AI lip-syncing and voice generation technology. 

Try it today!

Chat GPT Video Generator

ChatGPT does not generate videos, but users can enter a text prompt into ChatGPT to generate a video script. Then, you can record yourself reading the script, define your variables in Tavus, and create thousands of AI variations of your original video. 

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