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The Best AI Video Editor

Access Tavus’ Fully AI-Powered Video Editor

Personalize and edit video content that will resonate with every customer. The Tavus platform offers multiple AI video editing features for increased conversions and engagement.

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Benefits of Using an AI Video Editor

Unleash the multiple benefits of a powerful AI video editor.

Ultra-realistic Video Generation

Generate hyper-realistic AI video content with best-in-class HD voice cloning, lip-syncing, and real media blending. The Tavus AI captures your emotions, personality, and behaviors so you can connect with every individual customer.

Endless Customization

Yes, you can talk to your viewers using their first names…but don’t stop there! Select variables of any length to make your script completely unique to each recipient. The AI will take your text and turn it into a video that looks and sounds exactly like you.


Kiss re-recording goodbye when you use Tavus to create and edit your video content. With Tavus’s AI, generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of videos to reach all your customers simultaneously. The best part? You only record once.

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Hey @friend_name . I was talking with @your_name , and they said you should totally check out @anything ,whatever that means. Hey, I'm just the messenger. This video was auto-generated by the company Tavus. We make personalized videos so you don't have to. See ya!

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How AI Video Editing Works

Here’s how to use Tavus’ AI video editor.

1. Make your video template

Simply record a video with a general message about your company, product, services–or anything else! Choose which words and phrases you want the AI to personalize in each video.

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2. AI video generation

Let the AI get to work. It will edit your template video based on the dynamic variables you chose, so you can make thousands (or millions) of videos that are custom to every individual recipient–after only recording one.

3. Edit & send your AI video

Finish editing your video and then share it via email, LinkedIn, social media platforms, SMS, or within your product. Tavus easily integrates with your existing workflows and does all the heavy lifting for you.

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AI Video Editing Tools

Take your video marketing strategy to the next level by using the Tavus AI to generate endless, hyper-realistic videos of you.

AI script generation

Edit or generate scripts for your video content in minutes with the help of Tavus! Save time and brain juice for other major business tasks, and let Tavus handle this step.

Endless personalization

Use personalization to scale your business! Tavus gives users multiple opportunities for personalization, such as incorporating dynamic video backgrounds of the recipient’s website and embedding clickable call-to-action buttons, submittable forms, and more.

Unlimited AI video generation

Make unlimited AI videos in minutes. Tavus’ AI voice cloning, lip-syncing, and real media blending ensure that your videos look like you: not choppy or heavily edited. The best part? You don’t have to record or say another word. 

AI text to video

Tavus can transform your chosen text into video with our advanced AI audio engine and HD lip-syncing. Choose the variables you want to include in your video message, and then our AI will generate as many custom videos as you need based on your chosen text.

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Generate a video

Other Features of Our AI Video Editor & Generator

Learn more about the best AI video generator on the market:

In-depth video analytics

Tavus users have the ability to leverage analytics that track landing page impressions, unique video views, all video views, and CTA conversions.

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Personalized video templates

Incorporate variables of all sizes into your videos with hyper-personalized templates. Address your customer by name, discuss and recommend products, and much more.

interface showing the ability to personalize ai video scripts with personalized keywords

Advanced video campaigns

Enhance your video campaigns with our completely revamped campaign controls. Users can now adjust their landing page templates, campaign titles, and video identifiers.

user surrounded by variables the user can use to personalize ai videos

Event-driven video generation

Tavus can programmatically fit into any existing workflow to reach your audience at the right time. Automate personal responses or trigger video templates using customer data to help maintain customer relationships.

interface showing the ability to personalize ai video scripts with personalized keywords
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Why Users Love Tavus AI Video Generation

Tavus campaigns have increased our effectiveness way more than expected. Moving towards a friendly face makes everything more trustworthy. Literally the difference between stone tablets and an episode of THE JETSONS.

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Mike Monroe
Digital Strategy Manager

I used Tavus for large amounts of cold outreach. It saved me hours of time on creating personalized videos that performed well. Highly recommend to anyone in sales!

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Evan Finney
Creative AI Consultant at Pencil

Tavus is one of those tools that you can leverage across an entire customer journey.

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Jesse Rowe
Head of Growth at Ramp

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