15 Best Voice Cloning APIs [2024]
Increasingly realistic voice cloning APIs can now help businesses create content at scale. We’ll explore the capabilities of voice cloning and the top APIs in 2024.
Julia Szatar
Julia is the Head of Marketing at Tavus, a developer-first AI video research company powering revolutionary apps in video editing, marketing, sales, and education via APIs.
July 23, 2024

Voice cloning APIs are valuable tools in the rapidly growing realm of audio and video entertainment and marketing. Businesses and content creators understand the value of audio and voice generation, whether it be in ads, podcasts, audiobooks, social media posts, or games. And if you’re looking to expand your business with high-quality, realistic audio, then voice cloning APIs might be just the tool you need.

We’ll explore voice cloning APIs and their capabilities and share the top APIs on the market.

What is a Voice Cloning API?

AI voice cloning allows users to replicate their own voice using AI and machine learning algorithms. Once a voice is cloned digitally, users can use text-to-speech commands to generate a realistic voice that can speak any given text input.

APIs, or application programming interfaces, allow developers to connect tools from one software program with their own apps or platforms. Voice cloning APIs allow developers to implement voice cloning technology in their own platforms.

How Voice Cloning Software Works

Voice cloning software begins with a data set of audio recordings from a human speaker. The AI model then analyzes the audio to understand the nuances of the voice and to match sounds to words, breaking down the data into replicable soundwaves and patterns.

The data is then used to train the speech model, which uses a machine-learning algorithm to understand human voices and generate human-like speech. The program then turns text input into realistic, human-sounding speech, and post-processing or editing removes errors and allows for manual adjustment of speed, volume, and pitch.

Best Voice Cloning APIs

Let’s take a look at some of the top voice cloning APIs.

1.   Tavus API

If you’re looking for a multi-functional AI audio and video generator, Tavus API offers voice cloning as well as natural-looking avatars to create quality talking head videos at scale. Tavus API offers personalization options that, when paired with Tavus voice cloning technology, allow users to use text-to-speech functionality to craft thousands of videos personalized for every recipient.

Key Features:

  • Personalization at scale: Users can add a variety of personalized elements to their videos. Tavus’s high-quality voice cloning and facial expression replication ensure those personalized words and phrases blend seamlessly with the user’s original video.
  • Time-saving: Users need only provide two minutes of video footage for training purposes, letting users offload the time-consuming task of video creation and personalization to Tavus.
  • Access to stock replicas: Tavus API offers access to stock replicas for those uninterested in getting in front of the camera themselves.
  • Lip sync and dubbing: This API will allow users to edit videos to ensure accurate lip syncing and dubbing capabilities. This enables audio translation into 30 different languages.


  • Starter: $1/month
  • Hobbyist: $39/month
  • Business: $199/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales team


Try Tavus’ voice cloning API to generate high-quality, personalized videos!

2.   Speechify API

 Speechify is an AI voice cloning service that users can access directly through their browser, either by recording a sample through the site or uploading audio files. The platform is geared toward content creation, presentations, training, e-learning, and more. Users interested in the API (rather than using it within the browser) can join their waitlist.


Key Features:

  • Add emotion: Make your AI voice sound more human with emotion, emphasis, pauses, or excitement.
  • Multiple languages: Use your voice replica to create content in any number of languages and broaden your reach.
  • Zero learning curve: Speechify is easy to use and easily accessible in your browser, with engineers and support staff on hand to help with any problems.


Pricing: API pricing unavailable on website, contact Speechify for more information.

3.   Murf.ai API

 Murf.AI is an AI voice generator that allows users to replicate their own voices or access diverse AI voices for their needs. Users can create studio-quality voice overs for podcasts, audiobooks, and a variety of professional uses.


Key Features:

  • Sync with other creative products: Murf allows users to upload videos, images, or music to sync with their AI voice.
  • Diverse voices: Murf offers over 120 speech-to-text voices in addition to voice cloning capabilities.
  • All-in-one generator: Users can play with emphasis, punctuation, or pitch to ensure the AI voice conveys their message how they want.
  • Safe and secure: Murf uses 2-factor authentication, storage on secure Amazon Web Services, and physical encryption at secured facilities to ensure your data’s security.


Pricing: API subscription plan starts at $3,000/year for 12 Mn Characters. Contact Murf about pricing for larger plans.

4.   Resemble.ai API

 Resemble AI allows users to create high-quality, natural-sounding voice replicas using just 10 seconds of data. Users provide clear audio, and the AI model takes over from there, creating a voice clone that’s ready for immediate use.



Key Features:

  • Instant AI voice creation: Resemble generates voice clones in seconds, saving users time and labor.
  • Seamless integration: Resemble voice clones work with their Web UI and API, enabling frictionless use across applications.
  •  Time- and resource-saving: Resemble requires only 10 seconds of voice data, eliminating lengthy recording and processing time.
  • Multilingual support: Resemble offers over 149 languages for voice cloning.


Pricing: Resemble’s Business, Personal, and Enterprise plans offer API access for the following pricing.

  • Personal: $0.006/second after first 1,000 seconds of AI voice use per month
  • Business: $499/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, contact Resemble for more information


5.   Descript API

Descript is a platform for writing, recording, transcribing, and editing podcasts and videos. The platform also allows for collaboration and publishing with an embeddable player. It offers several AI features to support content creators’ needs.


Key Features:

  • Transcription: Descript transcribes videos for you so you can edit them like you would a document.
  • AI voice cloning: Descript can create realistic voice clones and generate text-to-speech in seconds.
  • Clips: Descript’s AI can choose viral-worthy clips from user videos and help edit them.
  • Remote recording: Users can record crystal-clear videos or podcasts anywhere.


Pricing: API-specific pricing unavailable on website, contact Descript for more information.

6.   Play.ht API


Play.ht is an AI voice cloning service that creates high-quality voice clones with 99% accuracy to the original human voices. Users can create voices in any style or tone, even with less-than-perfect, non-studio-quality audio.


Key Features:

  • State-of-the-art voice cloning model: Play.ht’s AI model produces professional and emotionally diverse vocal performances.
  • Advanced security: Play.ht’s date systems are built to prioritize the safety of user identities.
  • Verified access: Since Play.ht’s clones are only available within their ecosystem, voice clones are kept safe behind a voice print verification system.
  • Advanced script editing: Play.ht’s rich-text editor speeds up performance workflows and allows for real-time editing to save time.


Pricing: The Play.ht API is available across all subscription plans.

  • Basic plan: free
  • Creator: $31.20/month
  • Unlimited: $99/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales team


7.   ElevenLabs


ElevenLabs provides an API for both voice cloning and speech-to-text AI services. For high-fidelity cloning, users provide between 30 minutes and 3 hours of audio material (3 hours being optimal).

Key Features:

  • Variety of language output: ElevenLabs provides accurate voice cloning services in 29 languages and over 50 accents.
  • Instant results: Users can avoid long wait times with ElevenLabs’ Instant Voice Cloning.
  • Free trial period: ElevenLabs offers three months free to build, test, and launch products.
  • 11 million characters per month: This amounts to over 200 hours of generated audio per month.


Pricing: All of the ElevenLabs subscription plans provide API access.

  • Basic plan: free
  • Starter: $5/month
  • Creator: $22/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Scale: $330/month


8.   D-ID API


D-ID API is a platform that uses Natural User Interface (NUI) to humanize digital interactions and understand user needs. They offer AI voice and video services, including voice and facial cloning using your own face or access to a library of voices and avatars.

Key Features:

  • Improved customer experience: NUI’s conversational AI knowledge and emotional consistency provide improved customer service.
  • Agent creation: Users can create AI agents knowledgeable in your organization, products, and services that reflect your brand voice.
  • Platform integrations: D-ID works with third-party platforms like Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides.
  • Talking-head video generation: Allows users to create avatars that match up with an AI voice to provide realistic talking head videos.


Pricing: Contact the D-ID sales team for pricing information.


9.   ModelsLab API (Previously Stable Diffusion API)

ModelsLab is an AI platform that provides APIs for a variety of AI models, including voice cloning, text-to-image, image editing, text to 3D, and interior design. Users can create lifelike synthetic voices with generative AI, creating unique voices for all their needs.

Key Features:

  • Pre-trained models: ModelsLab offers over 10,000 pre-trained models for users to save time and effort.
  • ModelsLab AI Suite: Allows users to access a variety of AI models, including voice cloning, text-to-image, interior design, and more.
  • Lora & Dreambooth API: Users have access to the Lora & Dreambooth API, which they can train to generate images based on their own dataset.



  • Basic: $29/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Premium: $147/month


10.  DupDub API

DupDub is an AI platform offering various APIs, including voice cloning, talking avatars, video translation, text-to-speech, and video/audio-to-text. Users can clone voices for content creation, saving the sounds of a loved one’s voice, or saving money on voice acting for commercial services.

Key Features:

  • AI writing: Allows access to AI models for generating high-quality content.
  • Flexible editing: Enables both voice cloning and modification.
  • Cost-effective: Users can save money by using voice cloning or pre-trained AI voices rather than voice actors.
  • Facial cloning: Users can also clone their own likeness to help customers put a face to the voice.



  • Voice Cloning Lite: $199/project
  • Voice Cloning Pro: $1999/project


11.  IBM Watson Text to Speech API

IMB Watson Text to Speech API is a cloud service enabling users to create natural-sounding audio using text input within watsonx assistant or an existing application. It allows developers to embed AI voice technology into commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • Global applicability: IBM Watson is built to support a wide variety of languages for expanded brand reach.
  • Security: IBM’s world-class data governance practices keep your data secure.
  • Controllable speech attributes: Control the sound of AI voices by adjusting pronunciation, volume, pitch, speed, and more using Speech Synthesis Markup Language.
  • Expressiveness: IBM offers speaking styles, including GoodNews, Apology, and Uncertainty, to help you control tone of voice in video output.



  • Lite: Free
  • Standard: As low as $0.02 per thousand characters
  • Premium: Contact sales team
  • Deploy anywhere: Contact sales team

12.  Aflorithmic Labs API (AudioStack)


Aflorithmic Labs is a software company that creates APIs to help developers and brands create beautiful audio through simple processes. The platform offers voiceover services through its text-to-speech AI voice library and voice cloning technology, and it aims to help voiceover actors amplify their reach.


Key Features:

  • Seamless integration: AudioStack technology integrates with developers’ products or workflows.
  • Faster production cycle: Allows users to create or edit audio ads in seconds.
  • Variety at scale: Users can create thousands of versions of their audio in minutes.


Pricing: Contact AudioStack for pricing information.


13.  Kits.ai API


Kits.ai is an AI voice generation platform geared toward musicians and producers. The platform offers royalty-free AI voice generators, AI instruments, and custom AI voices created from users’ own voices.

Key Features:

  • Vocal variety: Allows users to create a clone of their own voices using trained AI voice generators or choose from a library of AI voices.
  • Text-to-speech output: Any of the Kits models can create products based on users’ text input.
  • Vocal Remover API: Users can remove vocals from instrumentals.
  • AI Singing Generator Library: Musicians can access AI voices in a variety of styles and genres.


Pricing: Plans with API access start at $9.99/month. Contact Kits for more information.


14. HeyGen API

 HeyGen API allows users to expand their access to HeyGen AI models and create studio-quality avatar videos. Users can create AI avatars and voices modeled after their own image and voice or access HeyGen’s library.


Key Features:

  • Personalization: Allows users to create videos personalized with customer names and other information at scale.
  • Video translation: HeyGen offers seamless translation of videos in the user’s natural speaking voice.
  • Zapier integration: Users can increase productivity and streamline workflow by automating HeyGen tasks with Zapier.
  • Streaming avatar: Integrate a HeyGen avatar into livestreams and chats to provide better audience engagement.


Pricing: API is available for Enterprise plans. Contact HeyGen for pricing information.


15.  Lovo API

Lovo API provides access to Lovo’s AI voice generator to create hyper-realistic AI voices. Lovo also offers its video production tool, Genny, which provides powerful video editing tools to create video to match AI voiceovers.

Key Features:

  • Variety of vocal options:  Lovo offers over 500 voices in 100 languages as well as AI voice cloning for users who wish to use AI versions of their own voices.
  • AI Writer: Users can generate video scripts in seconds using the AI Writer functionality.
  • Auto Subtitle Generator: Allows users to generate dynamic subtitles in seconds.
  • AI Art Generator: Genny allows users to create beautiful art or images for their videos in seconds.


Pricing: API access is available for all subscription plans.

  • Basic plan: free
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $48/month
  • Pro+: $149/month


AI Voice Cloning Use Cases

Whether you’re looking to expand your audience reach, grow your business, or scale your content creation, AI voice cloning can help you develop the audio content you need without the time-consuming processes of traditional recording. Let’s explore a few use cases for AI voice cloning.

Personalized Marketing & Sales

With the speed and efficiency of AI voice cloning, businesses can provide personalized audio and video for each and every customer, strengthening customer relationships and helping to increase sales with targeted marketing.


Businesses can also use AI voice cloning to ensure brand voice consistency without time-consuming oversight.


AI voice cloning helps with products by illustrating product features and benefits via informative, natural, and persuasive voices for product demos. Demonstrations and presentations with relatable AI voices help potential customers relate more to the product and brand, increasing the likelihood of purchases.

Online Training & Learning

With voice cloning, organizations can create consistent and more engaging training materials for onboarding, training, and virtual simulations. Voice cloning also provides the added benefit of speed, allowing organizations to meet all their training needs without taking time away from other valuable tasks.

Customer Success

Personalized marketing videos help drive success by reaching out to customers directly, utilizing personalized data and voice cloning to address customers’ particular wants and needs. Voice cloning also helps generate time-saving AI customer service videos and bots, which improve customer experience and may increase the likelihood of customer loyalty.

Content Creation 

Voice cloning revolutionizes the work of content creators. Highly-realistic voice cloning promotes consistency and saves creators time and money, helping podcasters, influencers, and more focus on creating quality content.

More Voice Cloning API Questions Answered

Let’s explore some common questions about voice cloning.

Is It Legal to Use Voice Cloning Technology?

Voice cloning is governed under Intellectual Property law, making the legality of voice cloning a complex issue. If a voice is used creatively, copyright law could be applied. For the most part, however, voice cloning remains relatively untested in regard to Intellectual Property law and enforcement.


Are there Any Privacy Concerns Associated with Using Voice Cloning APIs?

Although the collection and processing of vast amounts of data bring concerns around unauthorized access, data ownership, and consent, many AI voice cloning companies prioritize strong privacy protection systems. 

With the growth of AI and voice cloning technology, the Federal Trade Commission established the Voice Cloning Challenge to explore and address the privacy risks of voice cloning technology.

How Much Do Voice Cloning APIs Cost?

Voice cloning API subscription plans range from basic free plans to $1999 per project or $330 per month, depending on the pricing structure and platform. Businesses interested in larger-scale Enterprise plans can call companies directly for pricing information.

Tavus offers several pricing plans to meet your voice cloning needs, including plans as low as $1/month!


Can Voice Cloning APIs Accurately Mimic Any Voice?

Voice cloning APIs can create highly realistic imitations of human voices, with companies like Play.ht claiming their voice clones are 99% accurate to their sources.


How Can I Integrate a Voice Cloning API Into My Application?

Voice cloning APIs provide user-friendly processes for integrating voice cloning technology into developers’ own applications and platforms. APIs, or application programming interfaces, help connect applications for ease of use.

Tavus offers simple platform and app integration as well as in-depth reference docs to help you start using Tavus quickly. Developers also gain access to Tavus’s Discord community, where they can ask questions, share outputs, and provide feedback.


Choose the Best Voice Cloning API

If you want to increase your brand’s reach or create content, voice cloning technology can help you do so at scale while saving time and money.


Video is a powerful marketing, training, and customer service tool, as well; if you plan to grow your business with the power of video, Tavus API can help you with both your voice cloning and video generation needs, creating highly realistic talking head videos for all your brand’s needs.

Implement Tavus API into your app and scale your AI video generation!

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