7+ Best Avatar APIs [2024]
Discover 2024's top Avatar APIs. Create stunning, personalized avatars with ease using the best tools in the industry.
March 11, 2024

The digital avatar market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of almost 35% by 2032. Part of that growth will be thanks to avatar APIs, which allow businesses to integrate avatar creation functions into their own applications and platforms.  

While many use cases for avatars are specific to end users, like the ones on gaming platforms or virtual reality spaces, avatar APIs can help businesses and platforms establish a unique brand identity and keep users interacting regularly. Using avatar APIs, various business types from gaming forums to e-commerce websites can keep user information easily sorted, appeal to the empathy and emotion of buyers, and provide a memorable user experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the best avatar APIs on the market so you can bring avatar-creation abilities to your business. 

What are avatar APIs? 

Commonly used in digital environments like e-commerce stores, gaming experiences, and virtual reality applications, avatars arise whenever users want to interact with one another through a digital representation. Avatars can also be used for personalized marketing or sales, customer success, and recruitment & onboarding. 

An avatar Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to generate and alter these avatar creators programmatically. Through avatar APIs, users can create, customize, and manage avatars, and then integrate them into their intended end uses, from messaging platforms to social networks. 

Best Online Avatar APIs

With a wide range of styles and capabilities available, the best online avatar APIs will vary depending on your business needs, goals, brand style, and intended use. Learn more about the top avatar APIs online to determine which is best for you.

1. Tavus: Best Avatar API Generator for Videos

Tavus is the best avatar generator for individuals and businesses looking for a realistic video avatar. While there are dozens of options for static and 3D avatars, very few avatar APIs can create videos and fewer still can make them photorealistic! 

Tavus allows users to create thousands of unique videos that look and sound just like them, all based on a single uploaded template. This capability paves the way for one-to-one marketing, individualized customer support, AI-enhanced sales activity, and more. 

Tavus’ proprietary models will be widely accessible via APIs to product teams looking to leverage AI to build novel engagement experiences across sales, marketing, and online learning. The first model available on the developer platform is the Tavus’ Phoenix model, which powers digital replica and text-to-video generation capabilities, giving end-users the ability to rapidly create authentic videos of themselves on any topic–with only a script and no recording or studio production.  

The API products include: 

  • Replica API: Photorealistic digital replicas and text-to-video generation.
  • Lip Syncing API: Lip sync blending or full lip syncing.  
  • Dubbing API: Translation and dubbing with seamless lip-syncing. 
  • Video Campaign API: Video orchestration for mass personalized video generation delivered via SMS, email, or in-app.
tavus API products

Key features: 

  • Quick-learning AI for seamless voice cloning and video avatar creation
  • Photo-realistic high-definition personal avatar
  • Hundreds of integrations for easy automation
  • Fully customizable templates and scripts for unique outputs
  • Bulk upload feature for fast video avatar creation
  • HD lip-syncing and real media blending

Tavus is more than just an avatar API. It belongs on your list of must-have productivity tools to stretch your efficiency further while adding avatar and video generation capabilities to your product. 

A whole new world of customer engagement is at your fingertips with the Tavus avatar API. 

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Created by OpenAI under the same umbrella as Chat GPT, DALL-E API allows users to generate images of all types using AI. Users can specify style requirements, objects, and design elements to create their intended image. 

Various programmers have already used the DALL-E API to create tools like the Fantasy Character Avatar Generator or users can leverage DALL-E directly to describe their desired avatar and choose from the generated outputs.

Open AI character

Key features: 

  • Creates visuals from a written description
  • Generates realistic images
  • Combines various attributes and concepts
  • Implements a range of styles 

3. DiceBear

DiceBear is an extensive avatar library with over 20 customizable styles ranging in complexity. From characters to simple shapes, the DiceBear menu of avatar options is broad and user-friendly. 

Depending on the programming language and end-use environment, developers can integrate the capabilities of DiceBear using the provided HTTP API, the CLI, the JS library, or the Playground.


Key features: 

  • Vast style library
  • Smooth integration process

4. DoppelMe

DoppelMe logo

DoppelMe allows users to create 3-D dynamic avatars with easily adapted facial expressions, clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and more. These cartoon-style avatars are popular in classrooms, instant messenger, and forums. 

Integrating DoppelMe capabilities to your website is simple with a single line of HTML code. Developers can adapt the appearance of users’ DoppelMes on their specific website pages. 

DoppelMe avatar

Key features: 

  • Thousands of appearance combinations
  • Single line of HTML code for smooth web integration

5. RoboHash

With RoboHash, users can input a text description, file name, user ID, or any other text and receive an image back. Image avatars can depict robots, aliens, monsters, and more. With countless randomized variations, RoboHash can bring a bit of levity to any situation using fun avatars. 

With a single line of text, developers can easily embed these robot avatars into their site and append additional code to change the location, size, and more. 

RoboHash ai

Key features: 

  • Easy to embed
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Uses any text

6. Snapchat’s Bitmoji

Snapchat’s Bitmoji logo

The vast majority of phone users in the younger generations are familiar with Snapchat’s Bitmoji. These 3D, personalized cartoon characters have been used in unique stickers over text and chat for years. 

With the Bitmoji API, developers can integrate the self-expression of Bitmoji into their own game or business.

Bitmoji sticker

Key features: 

  • Pre-made stickers and backgrounds 
  • Very expressive style
  • Easy integration

7. UI Avatars

UI avatar logo

For use cases that require simplicity, the UI Avatars API will do the trick. This API creates an avatar image using the letter initials from a user name input. Users can adapt details like font size and weight, background color, and image format. 

The UI Avatars API comes in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles. Developers can select the line of code that matches their desired appearance and easily integrate this avatar API into their website. 

UI avatar generator

Key features: 

  • Multiple language support
  • No login required
  • Limitless uses
  • Easy to use and integrate

More about API Avatar Generators

Choosing the right API avatar generator for your business will depend on the specific uses and your desired avatar style. Keep these considerations in mind as you choose the best option for your unique needs.

Cute avatar maker 

Finding a cute avatar maker that resonates with your audience’s idea of “cute” will vary from business to business. Some interpretations of cute might lean toward the RoboHash avatar API, where delightful cartoon kittens and monsters are randomly generated by text inputs. For others, the vast DiceBear might be a great place to start. Other cute avatar makers include Picrew and Canva.

Those looking for more realistic outputs should opt for Tavus, where you can use a single uploaded video to generate thousands of unique videos.

Avatar API for Android

To work seamlessly on Android, some avatar APIs may need to be programmed specifically for that operating system. Especially in cases involving real-time interactions with camera inputs or selfies, it may be necessary to seek out Android-specific APIs. 

Cartoon avatar API

There are dozens of options for cartoon avatar APIs! Bitmoji and DoppelMe both allow users to create an avatar that can resemble themselves in cartoon form. For cartoon characters that don’t necessarily reflect user appearance or outfit preferences, RoboHash and DiceBear can help generate fun and unique avatars.

How do I make an AI avatar?

The process of making an AI avatar varies based on which API or software you decide to use. For example, Bitmoji and DoppelMe each have a user platform that allows you to choose facial expressions, hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and more. 

In Bitmoji, you can even select face, mouth, and eye shapes among other details to nail your desired appearance! Other avatar creators like UI Avatars involve only a few customization options and can be set up in a matter of seconds. 

With Tavus, the Phoenix model can take just two minutes of camera footage and build a photo-realistic high-definition personal avatar.

What is the best software for making avatars?

The best software for making avatars will depend on your intended use and your brand style. For example, if you’re searching for an avatar API to help boost engagement on your gaming platform or social network, you’ll likely opt for a customizable cartoon option like Bitmoji. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to create customer-facing avatars that can act as product guides, customer service representatives, or personalized check-ins, you need the advanced voice cloning and AI video capabilities from Tavus. 

Use the Best Avatar API

The best avatar API varies based on the unique brand and purpose of the website or app in question. Developers can smoothly integrate the above avatar APIs into a wide range of applications for quick deployment. Transform the end-user experience by integrating an on-brand avatar API into your website, forum, or app.

Tavus is the best avatar API for businesses looking to scale their sales, marketing, or recruiting efforts. After a smooth setup process and a quick video template upload, you can create hundreds, thousands, or a million unique videos. Through personalization and video messaging, you can forge connections and keep the human touch in every communication you send. 

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